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Transcript December 20


Sunday Sermon Sunday 20th December, 2020 Topic: ONLY IN CHRIST. Text: 2 Cor 3: 12-18. INTRODUCTION Our golden Bible passage for the year 2020, our year of Increasing Glory is 2 Cor. 3:18 though the pericope begins from verse 12. I have no doubt that by now many of us have learnt this passage by heart. The topic of today’s message, “ONLY IN CHRIST” is a revelation I caught from 2 Cor. 3:14 in November on the first day of our Power Revival. Our guest minister read from the New International Version and as he got to verse 14, he read, “But their minds were made dull, for to this day the same veil remains when the old covenant is read. It has not been removed, because only in Christ is it taken away.” Two revelations I actually got here namely 1. The reason why some veils could not be removed. 2. The necessity for the veil to be removed in Christ only. No doubt a veil is an hindrance that prevents one from operating at the desired standards. May every veil hindering your glory be removed. Amen. REMOVE THE VEIL According to Paul, some Israelites still had their faces veiled from seeing the fading glory on Moses’ face. Today, many of us also have some veils hindering us from seeing the glory of God or fulfilling our divine purposes. Just as I said in a message earlier in the year, some of the veils we need to remove are veils of corruption, pride, tradition, lust, selfishness and so on. Each of us must ask, what is the veil that is hindering me from moving forward? The truth is that the only solution to the problem of the veil is its removal. The most dangerous veils are not the ones covering the physical eyes, but those covering the eyes of the heart. This Paul observed with the people of Israel as he spoke of the veil that covered their hearts. (14-15) The goodnews is that, “when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.” Yes, it can be said of the Jews that a veil lies on their hearts. But the veil can be taken away only in Christ. Any attempt to remove the veil through any other means will be an effort in futility. Many of us have wondered why it is difficult to preach Christ to the Jews. This is because a veil lies on their hearts. Unless God does a work in them, they turn to the Lord and have the veil taken away, they will never see the fading glory of Moses’ covenant and the surpassing glory of Jesus and the new covenant. In the same vein, there are Gentiles who have “veils” hindering them from seeing Jesus and His work for mankind clearly. But Jesus is more than able to take those veils away. This points to the essential need of prayer in evangelism. Someone said rightly, “it is more important to talk to God about men than it is to talk to men about God.” The truth is we should do both in missions and evangelism. IN CHRIST ONLY Definitely as the veil could only be removed in Christ, there are some other things that you cannot find no matter how you search for them unless you find them in Christ. Unfortunately some of these things people have looked for, all to no avail. No man is pitied like a man looking for something where it would never be found. Today, because of time, I want to mention just three things the Bible makes it clear that can only be found in Christ. These are • GENUINE SALVATION-(Acts 4:12 ) There is no salvation in anyone else, anything else nor anywhere else, but only in Christ. Only the blood of Christ can wash away your sins says one of our hymns. • FREEDOM INDEED -(John 8:36) True freedom can only be found in Jesus Christ the Son. True freedom from sin, satan and shame can only be found in Christ. • LIFE ETERNAL-(John 14:6) Eternal life is life with God. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The true way to eternal life is Jesus Christ. CONCLUSION It shall be a great waste and a great loss to search for these in any other place or from any other person. Only in Christ. Do you need genuine salvation? Come to Christ for it. Do you want to be free indeed from your bondages? Only in Christ the Son of God. Do you want a place in heaven with the Father? Only in Christ. Just like the removal of the veil, just turn to Christ. ( 2 Cor. 3:16) Turn away from all others and turn to Christ only. Come to Jesus today and make no delay. He is also ready to save you. Do you need your veil to be removed? Turn to Christ only. Shalom.

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