Salvific Praise

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Seekers Breakthrough Service Wednesday 2nd December, 2020 Topic: SALVIFIC PRAISE. Text: Psalm 50:22-23. Songs 1. Almighty, God. Our Generation Shall Praise Your Name. 2. We bring our Sacrifice of Praise. INTRODUCTION We thank the Lord who has given us the grace to see the last month of the unusual year 2020. If the Lord has seen you thus far, I believe strongly He has not brought you into the 12th month just to abandon you. This month is our month of SALVIFIC PRAISE. No matter what you have seen in the first eleven months, I have GOODNEWS for you, in December you will see the salvation of God. God himself will show you His salvation. While I was asking Him what we shall do with this last Seekers Breakthrough Prayer Service, He said we should offer Him praise. And that is exactly what we are going to do this afternoon. The fiftieth psalm has for its theme the spirituality of all true worship. Asaph the writer of this Psalm reveals his imagination as he plays round this great theme. Asaph reaches his fine conclusion, that none but those who sacrifice thanksgiving, and dispose their ways aright, can truly serve and please the Lord. In our todays text, we find two conditions for seeing the salvation of God. THE TWO CONDITIONS 1. OFFER PRAISE. “Whoso offereth praise”, means he who truly honors me or a true worshipper of me. The Hebrew word here “zabach” rendered “offereth” is the same which is used in Psalm 50:14, and it means “he that sacrifices:” meaning, “he that presents the sacrifice of praise.” The Hebrew word for praise is “todah” which can also be interpreted “thanksgiving or sacrifice. The idea is that, the worship which God requires is his “praise.” It is not the mere external act of homage; not the presentation of a bloody sacrifice; not the mere bending of the knee; not a mere outward form, but that which proceeds from the heart manifesting a spirit of true thankfulness, adoration, and love. Praise therefore is the best sacrifice; a true, hearty, gracious thanksgiving from a renewed mind. It is the songs of redeemed men in the delightful ear of Jehovah. Sacrifice your loving gratitude and God is honoured by it. 2. ORDER YOUR CONVERSATION ARIGHT. And to him that ordereth his conversation aright literally means “to him that “prepares” or “plans” his way;” i.e. to him who is attentive to his going; who seeks to walk in the right path; who is anxious to go in the road that leads to a happier world; who is careful that all his conduct shall be in accordance with the rules which God has prescribed. The Hebrew-“vesham derech”, that disposeth his way or manner of his life i.e. living orderly and according to rule. We must notice the two conditions of a blessed life here. Firstly, offer the sacrifice of praise-the fruit of our lips.(Heb 13:15) Secondly, we must order our behavior/way, aright. We dare not live haphazardly or just by chance. We must order our ways with prayerful deliberation. CONCLUSION Our offering of praise will not be accepted unless it is accompanied with a conversation ordered aright. “Praise-giving is good, but praise-living is better.” There was a bird who lived in a desert, very sick, no feathers, nothing to eat and drink, no shelter to live in. One day a dove was passing by, so the sick unhappy bird stopped the dove and inquired "where are you going?" it replied "I am going to heaven". So the sick bird said "please find out for me, when my suffering will come to an end?" The dove said, "sure, I will." and bid a good bye to the sick bird. The dove reached heaven and shared the message of the sick bird with the angel in charge at the entrance gate. The angel said, "For the next seven years of its life the bird has to suffer like this, no happiness till then." The dove said, "When the sick bird hears this he will get disheartened. Could you suggest any solution for this." The Angel replied, "Tell him to recite this verse "Thank you God for everything." The dove on meeting the sick bird again, delivered the message of the angel to it. After seven days, the dove was passing again and saw that the bird was very happy, feathers grew on his body, a small plant grew up in the desert area, a small pond of water was also there, the bird was singing and dancing cheerfully. The dove was astonished. The Angel had said that there would be no happiness for the bird for the next seven years. With this question in mind the dove went to visit the angel at heaven's gate. The dove put forth his query to the Angel. The Angel replied, "yes it is true there was no happiness for the bird for seven years but because the bird was reciting the verse "THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING" in every situation, his life changed. When the bird fell down on the hot sand it said "THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING." When it could not fly, it said, "THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING" When it was thirsty and there was no water around, it said, "THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING.” Whatever the situation, the bird kept on repeating, "THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING" and therefore the seven years got dissolved in seven days. To such persons who will offer God praise and order his conversation aright, God will show His salvation which could be temporal, spiritual and eternal. The “salvation of God” means the salvation which God is the author; or which He alone can give. Our God is a lone wonder working God. (Psa. 136:4) God will not suffer you to wander away this month, but give you wonders to behold. You shall call Him wonderful as He shows you His salvation this month. Whosoever means it could be anybody. May it be you that will see the salvation of God. Amen. Shalom.

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