The Extra Oil

Transcript December 06


Sunday Sermon Sunday, 6th December, 2020 Topic: The Extra Oil Text: Matthew 25:1-13. Song: Give Me Oil in my Lamp. INTRODUCTION The parable of the ten virgins is one of the most popular parables of Jesus. In this parable of the Kingdom of heaven, the ten virgins were contrasted/divided into two by their characters i.e. “five were wise and five were foolish.” (vs 2) But let us note the similarities between them all. 1. They were all virgins and they had some knowledge of, and regard for the bridegroom, and desired to honour him by going forth to meet him as he led home his bride. 2. They all had lamps which at the moment were burning. 3. While the bridegroom tarried they all slumbered and slept. (v5) Not until his coming was announced did the difference between them manifested. In all outward things, the wise and the foolish virgins were alike; the difference between them was internal. To me what really differentiated them was the issue of the EXTRA OIL. (vs 4) NLT. They were genuine as far as they went; only they did not go far enough. The wise virgins carried extra oil while the foolish ones saw no need or probably cared less for it. The big question today is, do you have the extra oil? THE NECESSITY OF THE OIL Oil is used for many purposes and in this parable is it used in connection with a lamp. However excellent an instrument a lamp may be, it is only an instrument. A lamp is useless without the oil. No lamp is an end on its own just as the profession of Christianity is not its own end. Lamps are to give light for progress and duty and comfort. The trimming with fresh oil is necessarily to remove clogging from the wick. Therefore in the Christian journey; 1. Faith is a lamp; and yet faith may not save. It demands love which purifies the heart.(Jam. 2:26) 2. Knowledge is a lamp. It is only instrumental not its own end. 3. Experience is a lamp. But it needs the oil. The Holy Spirit is the oil in the life of the Christian. But our passage is not about the presence or absence of oil, but the need for the extra/reserve oil. Do you have the extra oil? Oil in Scripture, could also be the symbol of inward grace. It is what is required to make a successful Christian journey. It is that thing if you do not have enough, a good journey might end in regrets. From the parables of the ten virgins, whatever is merely outward in Christian profession is the lamp and light and whatever is inward and spiritual is the oil reserved in the vessels. The lesson here is that we need to be watchful and careful over the nourishing of our inner life. The foolish virgins were not hypocrites, but such who are easily satisfied with profession and become negligent with matters of the soul. It is what determines your failure or success when the waiting-time is over. All might be well now but can only continue to be well if you have the extra oil. The extra oil is not oil in the lamp, but oil in the vessels. How Jesus will find us when He comes depends on the “oil in our vessels.” CONCLUSION In the journey of life, you can never be too careful. You need the extra oil. The foolish virgins were animated by impulse, not by principle. Their religion did not go down to the lowest depths of their nature; it was a thing on the surface. It was like the seed that fell “upon rocky ground where it had not much earth,” etc. They commenced to build a tower, but without counting the cost (Luk 14:28). They fail to “add to faith virtue ...” (2 Pet. 1:5-7) The truth is that character is a personal thing and is not transferable. It is in moments of surprise that a man’s true self comes out to view. Nothing will correctly reveal what is in a man, than the coming upon him of some crushing and unlooked-for crisis. Therefore, we must give allowances per adventure things don’t go according to plan. Our true character is revealed by crisis and emergency. Our true religion is that which we command in the hour of trial. Therefore, having our lamp burning with oil is not enough, we need the extra oil, not to be disappointed, not to be disgraced and not to be downcast. The extra oil might mean extra effort, extra commitment, extra reading, extra hour, extra giving, extra work, extra income, extra commitment, extra class and so on. For your spiritual journey, you need the extra oil. May the door of glory never shut against us. ( vs10) May the door of opportunities, the door of mercy, the door of hope, the door of promotion and the door of greatness be opened to us as this year ends. Those who have the extra oil will not have the door shut against them. The four tyres on a car are not enough, there is need for the extra tyre. Ensure you have the extra oil. Shalom. Song Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning. Give me oil in my lamp, I pray. Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning. Keep me burning till the break of day.

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