The Kneeling Father

Transcript June 20


FATHERS DAY SERMON 20TH JUNE, 2021 Topic: THE KNEELING FATHER. Text: Gen. 25:19-21. Song: I Need Thee Every Hour. INTRODUCTION Today is Father’s Day in all our Nigerian Baptist Convention Churches and the topic this year is “THE KNEELING FATHER.” Unlike one picture I saw where a father was kneeling as he played with his son, this is a topic calling on us all fathers to cultivate the habit of kneeling before God. A father who knows how to kneel before God will not have to kneel before his children, his wife or subordinates. Much more, the knelling father is a powerful father. Unfortunately, not many of us are kneeling fathers. Without any doubt, many of us are hard working fathers, generous fathers, dedicated fathers, disciplined fathers, loving fathers, but I am not happy that many of us are not kneeling fathers and the evidences are not far fetched. Actually, we have more kneeling mothers than kneeling fathers. But one passage of the Bible that reveals the mind of God concerning this is Luke 18:1 where the scripture says, “men always ought to pray.” Some years back, one of our MMU Presidents instituted a quarterly prayer program for men. But this seems to have gone into limbo. But beyond corporate prayer for men, I am more concerned about men kneeling privately or individually. Probably, this year’s topic should spur us to see the significance of praying not just for ourselves, but for our wives and our family members . WHEN A MAN PRAYS According to the Bible, Rebekah, the intended mother of the promised seed was left childless for twenty years. She had to contend with the doubts, surmises, evil proposals, proud challengings of God and murmurings which could arise in any heart waiting for so long for the fulfillment of a promise. (Pro. 13:12) But at a time when it seems God has forgotten her, Isaac did something that changed the tide. The Bible says, “now Isaac pleaded with the Lord for his wife because she was barren and the Lord granted his plea.” (Gen. 25:21) This must be a prayer of deeper intensity than he could have uttered having remembered the story of his own birth. When God is recognized again and again, He will do what He has done before again and again. In the same vein, men ought to pray for themselves, their wives and children. The big question is when last did you specifically prayed for your wife. If men take time to pray for their wives, they will have less things to complain about their them. CONCLUSION In a way to understand the topic, I tried to check some versions of the Bible. KJV- Isaac intreated the Lord.” NKJV-“Isaac pleaded with the Lord.” AMP- “Isaac prayed much.” MSG- “Isaac prayed hard” The Hebrew word is “athar” which can be interpreted “to pray, entreat, supplicate or intercede.” This connotes the idea of a deliberate and dedicated action. The result was the pregnancy of a set of twins and the birth of two nations.(21-23) When men pray for their wives, double blessings can be expected. Let all Christian fathers therefore learn from Isaac and make deliberate efforts to pray for themselves, their wives and children. I see a new dawn of divine liftings in our homes as we fathers resolve to be the kneeling fathers. Happy Father’s Day. Shalom.

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