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Transcript May 09


Sunday Service 9th May, 2021 Topic: Your Faith Sense Text: Matt 14:22-33 Song: Forever oh Lord, your word is settled in heaven it is settled. I wish all mothers present here physically and joining virtually a happy Mother’s Day. May the Lord bless you with long life, good health and prosperity. INTRODUCTION We hear about the five senses as well as the sixth sense. However, our focus this Sunday morning is on the ‘faith sense.’ But what exactly do we mean by the faith sense? It is a spiritual enablement for Believers to connect with God, hear him and live our lives based on divine direction, instructions, Y, X and convictions. It is living beyond the 5 senses. Today we will be looking at one of the great miracles in the scriptures in Matt 14:22-33 to open our hearts to what God has to say about our faith sense. From the passage, we note the following. 1. Our life experiences are unpredictable in nature. (vs 22) The scripture says Jesus made His disciples get into the boat immediately. Just after the Miracle of feeding d 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes. I believe they were still basking in the euphoria of this miracle. If u and I have our choices, we will never get into that boat that will lead us into that stormy water and we will never get to walk on that water especially if our faith sense is not activated. Then, Jesus sent away the multitude. He knew this upcoming intimate experience is meant for the disciples only. They needed to cut out distractions so they can activate and work with their faith sense. To walk effectively with our faith sense, we must cut out distractions. 2. Then the storm and contrary wind came. (vs 24) I am sure We can identify with the disciples at this point. Right in the middle of their voyage, the waves and wind were contrary. One minute, they were enjoying this amazing miracle, the next they were in the storm. The reality of our life experiences. 3. In the fourth watch of the night Jesus appeared, walking on the sea. (vs) 25 Jesus always shows up in the fourth watch. I came to declare to someone that your fourth watch is coming. Jesus is about to show up in that circumstance. 4. Jesus told them not to yield to their 5 senses but to their faith sense. (vs) 26- 29 Countless the scriptures established the fact that God will appeal to your faith sense and not your five senses when you are going through those storms. Our five senses will sense fear, may tell us to play safe, focus on impossibility contrary to what our faith sense tells us. The Lord will bid you come and walk on the water when your five senses want you to stop or hide. 5. As we yield to our faith sense, we will triumph over life circumstances and storms of life. (vs) 32-33 Why is it important to develop our faith sense and follow it. 1. God doesn’t deploy his resources until we act in faith. David facing Goliath. 2.Faith moves God into action, while our cry gets his attention. 3. Through faith we can count in life as the heroes of faith. (Heb 11) 4. Faith enables us to win in this world. 5. Faith helps us to lay hold of what God has for us. HOW DO WE DEVELOP OUR FAITH SENSE 1. Spiritual understanding begets faith. As we hear God’s voice through his Word and Holy Spirit, we develop our faith sense. 2. Constant Connection to the Holy Spirit instead of our five senses or the crowd. 3. Obedience to God’s word and voice. We develop our faith sense muscle each time we trust God enough to obey him. CONCLUSION Since Faith is heaven’s currency, it is very important that we develop and allow our faith sense to lead us if we ever going to lay hold of all God that has for us and walk upon our high places. PRAYERS 1.Lord, help me to depend on my faith sense instead of my five senses. 2. My Father, My Father, I pray for the grace to cut out distractions in my life so I can lay hold of all that you have for me. 3. Whatever my storm experience is currently, Jesus show up in my fourth watch. I declare that I am a winner. 4. Lord as I work with my faith sense, I will count in life as the heroes of faith.

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