Divine Lifting Up: Setting Our Expectations Aright

Transcript February 17


Midweek Service Wednesday, 17th February 2021 Topic: DIVINE LIFTING UP: SETTING OUR EXPECTATIONS ARIGHT Text: Acts 3: 1-10 SONGS There is something that make me come into Your presence… He has promised, He will never fail… One good thing to do is to come into the presence of God with at least an expectation, many times, we come to God as a routine, meeting with God is more than a religious routine. Many people come without any expectation, Expectation is not faith, but it is part of faith, anyone can deploy it. Imagine a very rich man who is looking for someone to bless, only for another rich man like himself showing forth, both will enjoy fellowship, (1 Kings 9: 11-13 King Solomon and King of Tyre) but if he has another friend who is in need, such will not hesitate to ask. Expectation drives men to prayer. The Bible tells us the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. Prov. 23: 18. (KJV) David knew how to set his expectations. In Psalm 123: 1-3. He compared his expectations in God to that of a servant to the Master. The Bible also tells us that God is able to do above our expectations Eph. 3: 20, Isai. 64: 3, recently, I have seen this happening to me. God can do beyond my expectations. He is able to do much more. Whatever, your expectation and prayers in this year of divine lifting up, may your expectations and mine be graciously granted in Jesus name. The expectation of the wicked concerning us shall be dashed in Jesus name. (Prov. 10: 28) In the text, for our meditation today, we are looking at the healing of a man who became a wonder and amazement to many. This man was born lame from his mother’s womb and was laid at one of the gates of the temple called beautiful. Perhaps, when Christ was here, he was expecting that Christ will heal him but Christ came and ascended back to heaven. This time it was two Apostles, Peter and John who were going to the temple at the time of prayer. When he saw them, he fixes his gaze on Peter but Peter replied “look at us, silver and gold I do not have but what I have I give unto you, in the name of Jesus, rise and walk,” Peter stretched his hand to him and lifted him up, the power of God located him and instantly, he was healed. We will consider three things about expectations. 1. EXPECTATION REQUIRES PATIENT. (VS. 2) The writer of the song Order my step prayed ‘while you are working help me to be still’. God is at work on your behalf, you may feel that you have stayed too long on it. But, like my father in the Lord said, while you are waiting be dutiful. If your expectation is from God alone, then you must wait (Acts 4: 22) This man was over 40 years old. We are expecting diving lifting, we must wait for God and on God alone. 2. FIXING OUR EYES JESUS (vs. 4-5). He directed his total attention with total expectation, the living Bible says it was an eager expectation. He was expectant. Heb. 12: 2 Looking unto Jesus 3. HE WAS NOT DISCOURAGED (vs. 6a) His attention was on Peter, but Peter began by saying, “look at us, silver and gold, I do not have” ... Kobo, you cannot get from me. Perhaps, John had money, but what the man needed was more than Naira, he needs total healing. Money has not changed his health even though that is what he was expecting but our God sees beyond what we call our need. When a man thinks he just needs someone to help him with little chores, God does favour him with a wife, doing beyond our expectations. Fix your eyes on Him with expectation. FOUR THINGS DONE FOR HIM 1. God’s word located him (vs. 6b) God’s word says to him, rise up and walk, it was particularly directed at him and because he was keenly anticipating receiving something from them. He received the word with faith and the word was profitable to him. God’s word is here. How much of it have your received with faith (Heb. 4: 2) 2. He was lifted up (vs. 7a) Deep called unto the deep, when his faith connected with God, Peter has no choice than to take him by the right hand and lift him up. May God release His hand to lift us up today in Jesus name. Can God see that you trust Him to heal you of headache? Do you really trust Him? If a child sees someone to carry him and he opens his hand for such, it is difficult to ignore such a child – Oluwa mo gbagbo o, ohun gbogbo ni sise, laye mi mo gbagbo 3. STRENGTH RELEASE (vs. 7b) Immediately, his feet and ankle bones received strength. God performed a miracle so great in his life by strength to his ankle and feet that were cast down, and it enjoyed divine lifting. Our father in the Lord shared with us that God is going to set our feet in high place and establish our going. The strength that all that is cast down in us and about us need to rise be released now in the name of Jesus. 4. WONDER AND AMAZEMENT (vs. 10). When the strength was released and he was divinely lifted up, he knew the right thing to do, not to celebrate with friends first but right there outside the temple, he started walking jumping and praising God and then straight to the temple with the apostles, walking and praising God. There are thanksgiving that cannot wait till the end of the month when you will be called to stand, may the Lord give that to you and me in Jesus name. CONCLUSION CONCLUSION I was privileged to serve as NCCF Zonal Coord in Agenebode in 2002, the Zonal NCCF was led to Uzzanu village for a three-day crusade. Evang. Femi Dairo was invited to minister and on the last day of the crusade, only few people attended. But among the few was a young boy who was crippled, we were praising God and the invited minister sensed that God want to heal the boy. As he prayed for the boy, the boy started walking and the village erupts with joy, the testimony brought people who are in the church to come to a church without building outside. Today, may the Lord reach out to you. Amen. PRAYERS There is nothing, you cannot do, You are Yahweh, You are Yahweh 1. My expectations for this year shall not be cut off in Jesus name. 2. Father, my hope and expectation for divine lifting is on You, O Lord, lift me up higher in Jesus name. 3. Father, I give You my hand, lift me up in Jesus name 4. Father, let this year of divine lifting be my year of glorious turnaround in Jesus name. 5. Every age long delays and barriers, I command you, give way in my life in Jesus name 6. This year, I shall arise and shine for the glory of the Lord has risen upon me 7. In the name of Jesus, the Lord will heal me and restore health, perfect health to me in Jesus name. 8. Father, places I never imagine I could reach; you will take me there in Your mercy in Jesus name. 9. O Father, like the man who was jumping up and praising You, you will so fill my life with joy and praise in Jesus name. 10. This year, people will have reasons to celebrate divine lifting with me in Jesus name. At every point of need, Father, bring men that will raise me up in Jesus name. Song In Jesus name, every knee shall bow, every tongue confess

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