The Voices of Restoration.

Transcript February 03


February Seekers Breakthrough Service Wednesday, 3rd February 2021 Topic: The Voices of Restoration. Text: Jeremiah 33:10-14. SONGS In a Little While. We Bring Our Sacrifice of Praise. INTRODUCTION We give thanks to God for the grace to witness and be a partaker of the first SEEKERS BREAKTHROUGH PRAYER SERVICE of the year 2021, our year of Divine Lifting. Just according to the name of the Service whatever you are seeking, may you find in the name of Jesus. You shall not seek in vain. Amen. Today, this week, this month, this year and beyond, the Voices of restoration shall be heard in your territory. Restoration means whatever you have lost either physically or spiritually shall be returned back unto you. There is restoration for you in your year of divine lifting. Amen. Jeremiah 33 speaks of the excellence or glory of a restored nation. It reveals that our God is a God of restoration and when he restores, he restores excellently or gloriously. No matter how bad things seem to have gone, God can still bring the best out of the worst. May be your loss is so bad and you have lost hope of restoration, as the voices of restoration speak to your life, you shall experience glorious restoration. Amen. THE SIX VOICES. (vs 10-11) From verses 4 to 9, Jeremiah spoke of the restorative turnaround God was bringing over Judah. But from verse 10, the scripture speaks of a change in voice that shall be heard in the camp of his people. Actually, this will be a voice of restoration that shall be broken into six voices. These are, 1. THE VOICE OF JOY. It shall speak joy into your life, and you shall make it known. 2. THE VOICE OF GLADNESS. It shall speak gladness into your heart, and you shall amplify it. 3. THE VOICE OF THE BRIDEGROOM. Whatever is the joy of a man getting married to his lover, you shall receive such joy. 4. THE VOICE OF THE BRIDE. Whatever is the gladness of a bride getting married unto her lover, receive it. 5. THE VOICE OF PRAISE. Your heart shall be delighted to sing praises unto God. 6. THE VOICE OF SACRIFICE. You shall offer unto God sacrifices with ease and Joy. No reluctance in your giving. The grateful heart does not hold back. Actually these 6 can be re-divided unto 3, i.e. 1. The Voices of Joy and Gladness. 2. The Voices of the Bridegroom and the Bride. 3. The Voices of Praise and Sacrifice. All these shall emanate when the voice of restoration has spoken into your life. The INFERENCES of this are, 1. What you lost shall be restored to you. 2. What you thought you will not be able to achieve shall be achievable. 3. There will be joy in your camp. At a time, you thought you could never sing again because of the tremendous blow that came upon your life, but you will sing again more cheerfully than you ever sung in any day of your life. If desolation has stollen your songs, divine restoration shall give you better songs to sing. CONCLUSION The summary of this passage is, that those who were carried into captivity shall return and upon their return, they shall be in their former state as to civil transactions, marrying and giving in marriage; and as to religion, they shall publicly praise the Lord with holy and spiritual joy far more than they ever did. The condition for this restoration is that you call on God who has promised to answer and show you great and mighty things. (vs3) Suffice it to say that Jeremiah was still in prison when this word of prophecy came unto him. But God still performed His word. Things might not look as if restoration is possible. But God shall still make it happen for you. Call on him and believe him, you will testify. Amen. PRAYER POINTS 1. My Father, my Father, I give you praise for the opportunity of seeing today. 2. Heavenly Father, cleanse me from all my sins and wash me by your blood. 3. My Father, my Father, there shall be restoration for my desolation. 4. God of glory, as I call on you, reveal to me great and mighty things I do not know. 5. My Father, the Father of Light, in your name I shall not walk in darkness this month. 6. My Father, my Healer, bring health and healing unto me this month. 7. My Father, my Provider, I will enjoy abundance of peace and truth this new month. 8. My Father, my Restorer, let the voices of restoration- joy, gladness, bridegroom, bride, praise and sacrifice be heard in my territory this month. 9. My Father, my Father, where others are cast down, there is a lifting up for me. 10. My Father, my Father, perform the good thing which you have promised unto me. It shall be evident. Amen, amen, amen.

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