Lord, Help Me.

Transcript January 31


Sunday Sermon Sunday, 31st January, 2021 Topic: Lord, Help Me. Text: Psalm 109:21–27 SONGS 1. It’s Me O’ Lord. 2. Draw Me Close to You. 3. I Need Thee Every Hour. INTRODUCTION Today, as we observe our Power Sunday, (PRAYER & FASTING), the message the Lord is sending our way is simple and direct. Sometimes, the solution to a complex problem is simple and the way out of a difficult situation could be direct. Today’s message is a simple prayer which I am confident the Lord will not ignore. “LORD, HELP ME.” This was the prayer King David prayed while going through difficult challenges of life. Theologians believe that, it was during the trials of false accusers that David made this plea for judgment. (vs.1-5) The Psalmist was so overwhelmed to the extent that he almost lost the strength to fight on. Therefore, he resorted to pray a simple prayer that is the topic of today’s message, “Lord, Help Me.” (vs.26) Possibly, he had tried some other complex prayers and to no avail. (vs.6-19, 23-25) Then, he asked the Lord to help him and save him according to His mercy. Before we set out to pray, let us briefly look at four things concerning this simple prayer. LORD, HELP ME: WHAT A PLEA? 1. A PLEA OF SOMEONE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE OR IN DIRE NEED. There is no doubt that this was a prayer of a man who was in serious problem who needed desperate rescue. It was a prayer of a man who was at the end of his rope. Are you at the end of your rope? It is time to pray, Lord help me. 2. A PLEA OF HUMILITY DEVOID OF PRIDE AND ARROGANCE. There are times when we are in need and pride and arrogance are not allowing us to seek for help. But the prayer, Lord help me is a prayer of humility. It is a prayer of someone who cannot help himself and has decided to seek fully the help of God. Therefore, humble yourself and pray, Lord, help me. 3. A PLEA OF CONFIDENT EXPECTATION OF DIVINE ASSISTANCE. This is also a prayer of someone who is confident of divine intervention. The fact that God has not responded does not mean He will not respond. It is a prayer to be prayed with confident expectation. 4. A SIMPLE PLEA GOD HAS NEVER AND CAN NEVER IGNORE. Among the prayers I have discovered God does not ignore no matter who prays it, the prayer, Lord help me is topmost. I have never seen any man who prays genuinely and confidently, Lord help me and God ignores him. Even the man who lacked faith prayed for help in Mark 9:24 and Jesus did not ignore him. Also, the man who looked at the wind and began to sink prayed, Lord help me and was he was lifted and saved. (Matthew 14:30-31) As you pray today, Lord, help me, your prayer cannot and will not be ignored. Amen. Shalom. CONCLUSION David was at the end of his rope: “poor and needy,” his “heart was wounded” (vs. 22) and his body weakened. (vs. 24) He was fading “like an evening shadow” (vs. 23) and he sensed he had become an “object of scorn” in the eyes of his accusers (vs. 25). In his extreme brokenness, he had nowhere else to turn. But nowhere can also mean now here. It is only a matter of arrangement and rendering. He therefore cried out to the Sovereign Lord, “Help me, Lord my God” (vs. 26) Are you also at the end of your rope, in need of divine help? You also can pray, Lord, help me. It is a prayer of all persons, in all circumstances, in all places and of all seasons. In the classic film titled, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” a man by the name Jimmy Stewart who acted the character called George Bailey whispered a simple but life changing prayer saying, “dear Father in heaven, I’m not a praying man, but if you’re up there, and you can hear me, show me the way. I’m at the end of my rope.” In that iconic scene, Bailey’s eyes were filled with tears. They weren’t part of the script, but as he spoke that prayer, Stewart said he “felt the loneliness and the hopelessness of people who had nowhere to turn.” The prayer brought God’s power on him and changed him. Are you in any problem, difficult situation, overwhelming circumstances or facing a demeaning tendency? You can pray today, Lord, help me. Your prayer, our Heavenly Father shall not ignore. You shall be lifted and you shall testify. Shalom. PRAYER POINTS 1. My Father, my Father, I thank you for giving me the grace of seeing the last day of this month. 2. Heavenly Father, let your blood avail for me anywhere I have fallen short of your standards for my life. 3. O God who answers prayer, help me to give myself unto prayer this year. (vs.4) 3. Lord, in this year of my Divine Lifting, silence every tongue lying against me. (vs.2) 4. My Father, my Father, render powerless, every word of hatred spoken against me in this year of my lifting. (vs.3) 5. My God, my Defender, no one rewarding my good for evil shall go unpunished in Jesus name. (vs.5) 6. My Father, my Protector, no stranger shall plunder my labour this year. (vs.11) 7. My Father, the Great I am, anyone who delights in cursing me shall swim in the pool of his or her own curses in Jesus name. 8. My Father, the Lifter of my head, I shall not be a reproach to family and friends in 2021. 9. My Father, my Father, as I humble myself in prayer, I shall be lifted in glory this year. 10. My Father and my Creator, my God and my Lord, HELP me. 11. My Father, my Father, where others are cast down, there is a lifting up for me. 12. My Father, my Strength and my Joy, I shall greatly praise thee for my Divine Liftings this year. (Amen)7X

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