Lifted From The Miry Clay

Transcript January 17


Sunday Sermon Sunday, 17th January, 2021 Topic: Lifted From The Miry Clay Text: Psalm 40:1-5. Song: Lifted, I am Lifted. INTRODUCTION This is our year of Divine Lifting and there is no limit to the kind of lifting you and I can experience in this unique year. 2020 was an unusual year, but this year shall be unique/significant for you. Amen. There is no doubt that the word “lift” can only go with “up” and not “down”. The other two words that are could be associated are “from/out” and “unto.” Lifted from where/what and lifted unto where/what? Today, we are looking at the topic, LIFTED FROM THE MIRY CLAY. This year, whatever your miry clay might be, you shall be lifted from it in Jesus name. 1. THE TESTIMONY In Psalm 40, the psalmist testified to how God delivery him from his great trial. It was a lifting from a horrible pit; the miry clay. This Psalm can be divided into three major parts. Part 1 (vs.1-5) contains praises to God. Part 2 (vs.6-10) speaks of God’s work of redemption while part 3 (vs.11-17) contains prayer for mercy and grace. Today, we shall focus on verses 1 to 5 which is a song of praise. There was a primary school teacher in a private nursery and primary school who was denied increment in salary because he refused to go out with the proprietress who was a widow. When the matter became tough, the widow threatened to sack him. A month after the threat, he got a letter of employment from Chevron with a monthly salary of N120,000 per month as against N5,000 he was earning monthly at the school. May you also be lifted miraculously, suddenly and timely this year. Amen. 2. THE MIRY CLAY: Psa. 40:1-2 According to this passage, the psalmist was in a serious trouble and he cried out to the Lord with assurance and patience. He described the experience as that of a horrible pit; the miry clay. The Hebrew word used here for pit is “bowr” which can also be interpreted “cistern, prison, dungeon or grave.” This therefore speaks of a slim, horrible and dangerous pit. A pit full of mud and miry clay. Such a pit that the more you struggle, the more difficult it is to escape and the longer you stay, the deeper you sink. The psalmist was so helpless that he couldn’t bring himself out. This could be likened to the experience of Jeremiah in Jer. 38:6-13. This pit could be both spiritual and physical. Sin is a pit, hell is a pit, unbelief is a pit and doubt is a pit. It could also be a pit of finance and debt. It could be marital, economic or academic. Today, many are in the pit of despondency, despair, sickness, great difficulties, distress, danger and calamity. Anything that brings you down, shame, sorrow or weeping is a pit. How the psalmist got there, we are not told. Possibly, it could be sin, activities of the enemies out of jealousy, envy, wickedness or hatred just like the case of Joseph who was Pitted, Potted and Putted according to Marlene Garten or Beloved, Hated and Exalted according to F.B. Meyers. Whatever might be your particular case, there is a lifting up for you. 3. THE RESULT OF THE LIFTING. When God lifts up or lifts out, there are many good things that will follow. When the Lord lifted the Psalmist from the miry clay, three major things happened. These are, a. God Sets his Feet on the Rock (vs2c) A firm place of safety and strength to stand. It was a lift from the miry clay to the solid rock. From corruption to holiness, from hell to heaven, mourning to dancing, failure to success, demotion to promotion and struggling with sin unto victory over sin. Halleluyah. Jesus is that Rock. b. God Established his Steps (vs2d) God enabled him to walk as on solid ground; he conducted him along safely, where there was no danger of descending to the pit again or of sinking in the mire. God secured him and made him unreachable by the enemy. c. God Put a New Song in his Mouth (vs3) You will sing a new song this year. You shall sing that old song of sorrow no more in Jesus name. Amen. CONCLUSION God is set to lift you up this year from whatever is your miry clay. Just like the Psalmist, you must learn to, 1.Wait, 2. Wait Prayerfully 3. Wait Patiently. (vs1.) You are a diamond meant to shine. But a diamond cannot shine or shine enough when it is in the mud. Sin, hypocrisy, unbelief, jealousy or rebellion are muds that can prevent you from shinning. There is hope for you for God wants to lift you up from your miry clay. Will you allow Him to lift you up, cleanse you, give you a firm place to stand and a strong place to walk? You will testify. Amen. Shalom.

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