Your Pathways To Divine Lifting.

Transcript January 10


Sunday Sermon Sunday, 10th January, 2021 Topic: Your Pathways To Divine Lifting. Text: Isaiah 52:1-13 Songs 1. You Raised Me Up. 2. Lifted, I am Lifted. INTRODUCTION Yesterday as we concluded our seven days prayer and fasting, we discovered that the lifting the Lord has in store for us is triple: Exalted, Extolled and Very High. We also examined briefly two requirements for such a triple elevation namely, Service and Wisdom. I have no doubt that this year, you will definitely move forward. Some will move from “footwagen” to being a car owner, from joblessness to gainful employment, from childlessness to childbearing, from management to directorship, from fear to courage, from retailer-ship to dealership, from squatting to having your own apartment, from tenancy to being a landlord and from being single to being married. etc. But if our triple elevation would happen, we all need to cooperate with God as we try our best to follow Divine Pathways to our Divine Lifting. DIVINE PATHWAYS If you and I would experience the divine lifting we desire and as God plans for us, there are few commands to obey. These are, 1. WAKE UP (Isaiah. 52:1a) It is a new year and God’s people must wake up, awake, awake. Romans 13:11-14 says we must awake for the night is over. So, wake up from slumber, it is a new dawn, and we must be seen to be up and doing. Wake up. 2. DRESS UP (Isaiah. 52:1b) Put on your strength, your splendor, your beautiful garment. This is not a year of, I can’t do it, but the year of I can by the strength of God. Dress up for the feast is about to begin. (Luke 15:22-24) You will have reasons to celebrate. If mine comes, don’t be envious, you will definitely get yours. 3. SHAKE OFF YOUR DUST (Isa. 52:2a) Shake off all hindrances. (Heb. 12:1) 4. RISE UP AND SIT ENTHRONED. (Isa. 52:2b) Arise and sit down might look conflicting. But they refer to two different actions. Rise up to your next level and don’t be afraid to sit on your throne. Do not be shy for your lifting will come swiftly (2-6). God’s name will no longer be profaned through you, but rather glorified. 5. LOOSE YOURSELF FROM CHAINS. (Isa. 52:2c) Stop saying the power of sin is too much, loose yourself from it. Don’t make the devil too big than he is. 6. SPEAK UP (Isa. 52:7-10) Share the good news and testify to God’s faithfulness. You can’t stay silent. Your feet shall be beautiful this year. 7. DEPART FROM UNCLEAN THINGS (Isa. 52:11) This is not a year to eat sin like food nor drink it like water. Depart from unclean things. We cannot afford to live like the other nations. CONCLUSION It seems all these seven things are encapsulated in the commands of verses 1 and 11 i.e. Awake, awake and Depart, Depart. According to our passage, if we are careful to do all these, we shall have no cause to go out in haste or go in flight for Jehovah will always go before us and also be our rear guard. (vs.12) Definitely in this year of Divine Lifting, you shall be exalted by God, extolled by men and be very high. See you at the next level. Amen. Shalom.

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