New Year Revival Day 7: TRIPLE ELEVATION.

Transcript January 09


Day 7: New Year Revival 2021 Saturday 9th January, 2021 Topic: TRIPLE ELEVATION. Text: Isaiah 52:9-13. SONGS 1. Breathe. 2. Oluwa Jo, Wa Gbe Mi Soke. 3. I am Going Higher. 4. Lifted, I am Lifted. 5. I Will Exalt You Lord. 6. You Raised Me Up. INTRODUCTION We give glory to God as we conclude our 7 days New Year and Fasting Revival today. We glorify Him for the lives of all the ministers He has sent our ways and the messages they delivered. None of God’s promises to us shall fall to the ground in 2021. Remember, it is our year of Divine Lifting/Promotion/Exaltation/Elevation. Also don’t forget to declare daily, where others are cast down, there is a lifting up for you. You are destined to be lifted. No one is permitted to bring you down for any reason. When God exalts you, no one can humiliate you. When God elevates you, no one can abase you. Today, as we conclude, I want to expose you to the kind of lifting the Lord has in store for us all this year. It is a triple/threefold elevation. This I found in Isaiah 52:13 that we have read today, EXALTED, EXTOLLED and VERY HIGH. DIVINE PLAN FOR OUR ELEVATION- (Isa. 52:13) Let us begin by examining how some versions of the Bible render this verse. 1.NIV/LB-Raised, Lifted Up and Highly Exalted. 2. RSV-Exalted, Lifted Up and Very High 3. Cont. Eng.-Great Praise and Highest Honour. 4. NLT- Highly Exalted. 5. AMP-Exalted, Extolled and shall stand very High. 6. GW-Respected,Praised and Highly Honoured. 7. MSG-Exalted, Tall and Shoulders above the crowd. All these will happen to you in the year 2021. Amen. The Hebrew words employed are also worthy of note. These are, 1. Exalted- “Ruum”- go up, lift up, hold up, mount up, promote. 2. Lifted- “Naza”- advance, arise, honour, magnify. 3. Be High- “Gabar”- to soar, raise up, to raise high. This is also qualified with the word “meh-ode” which means exceedingly, greatly or very. From the look of things, these three verbs describe the experience of Jesus and His exaltation as found in Phil 2:8-11. He was lifted high beyond humiliation. It was a triple elevation seen in his resurrection, ascension and glorification to the right hand of God. The three-fold emphasis is to underscore the magnitude and certitude. You will also testify to same in 2021. Amen. REQUIREMENTS FOR TRIPLE ELEVATION. Today, I shall speak briefly on two requirements for your triple elevation. The rest I will share at tomorrow’s service. Don’t miss it as I preach on the topic, “Your Pathways to Divine Lifting.” If you want to experience triple elevation. 1. BE THE LORD’S SERVANT All versions are united in this. This is a promise for the Lord’s servant. The Hebrew word is “ebed” which means bondman or bond servant. This year, you must be the Lord’s servant and not the servant of sin, flesh or satan. Anyone advising you not to serve God is looking for ways to deny you, your triple elevation/lifting. Will you allow them? 2. ACT WISELY If you are going to experience triple elevation, you must act wisely. The Hebrew word employed here is “sawkal” which can be interpreted intelligent, deal wisely skillful or prudence. This informs why some versions call it prudent, deal wisely, prosper or do well in undertakings. You must act wisely in at least four ways this year. a. Be diligent with God. Not a year for the foolish. Be wise in worship, service, obedience, submission and thanksgiving. b. Be Dilligent with Men- Fellow men, your boss, your job, your friends and your foes. According to our passage, your diligence determines your prosperity. c. Be Dilligent with the Devil- He will play many tricks to discourage you, dissuade you, distract you frighten you or confuse you. Do not listen to him, do not obey him. Do not let him talk you out of your elevation. d. Be Dilligent with your opportunities- Ensure you are not losing time. A stich in time saves nine. Avoid procrastination in the year of your divine lifting. Act wisely. CONCLUSION The Lord is set to lift you up this year and it will be a triple elevation. You shall be exalted, extolled and be very high. You will rise, be more exalted and will stand high. The three verbs signify the commencement, the continuation and the climax of the elevation. It means you shall triumph powerfully and gloriously. Just like Mordecai in Esther 6:10-11, God shall exalt you, men shall extol you and with both you shall be very high than the enemy. So shall be your testimony in 2021. Triple elevation is yours. Amen. Shalom. PRAYER POINTS 1. My Father, my Father, I give you praise for giving me the grace to be part of this seven days prayer and fasting. 2. My Father and my Lord, help me to be a faithful servant of yours in 2021. My life will serve your purpose. 3. My Father, the giver of Wisdom, grant me wisdom to be diligent in all aspects of my life this year. O Lord breathe your excellent spirit on me. (Dan. 5:12) 4. My Father, my Father, establish my going out and coming in with your signs and wonders in 2021. 5. My Father, my Father, whatever I lay my hands upon shall prosper in 2021. 6. O Father of Light, by your power and by your grace, my star will rise and my light will shine in the year 2021. 7. My Father, my Father, raise my head this year above my compatriots. 8. My Father, my Father, provide resources that will meet the need of every hour this year. 9. Lord Jesus, break all parental covenants affecting the progress of my life in Jesus name. 10. My Father, my Father, my well of supply shall not fail this year in Jesus name. 11. My Father, my Father, this year I shall take my seat among the great; I shall be the head and not the tail in Jesus name. 12. Heavenly Father, change my status this year from nobody to somebody and from somebody to somebody special in Jesus name 13. Heavenly Father, let all Shepherdhillians abroad continue to enjoy the favour of God. None shall be sent home with shame in 2021. 14. God Almighty, let your peace reign in Nigeria in 2021. All those who plan to cause chaos shall be confounded in Jesus name. 15. My Father, the Great Provider, every door of opportunity and blessings meant for me this year shall remain open in Jesus name. 16. My Father, my Father, opportunities that will bring great turnaround will come my way this year in Jesus name. 17. Heavenly Father, my prayers these 7 days shall redound to glorious testimonies. I shall not pray and fast in vain. 18. My Father, the God of wonders, in your name I command divine solution this year to every problem that defy solution in my work and in my life last year. 19. My Father, the Lone Wonder Working God, perfect my lifting in the year 2021. 20. My Father, my Father, where and when men are cast down, there is a lifting up for me and members of my family. 21. My Father, my Father, anoint my head for triple elevation in the year 2021 and give me songs of lifting, promotion, exaltation and elevation. (Amen) 21X

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