New Year Revival Day 4: Promotion Cometh

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Day 4: New Year Revival 2021 Wednesday 6th January, 2021 Topic: PROMOTION COMETH. Text: Psalm 75:6-10. KJV. Job. 22:29-30. Songs 1. Lifted, I am lifted. 2. Gbe Mi Soke. 3. I Will Exalt You Lord. 4. This Year, I am moving to my new level. 5. Thank you Lord, for Changing My Level. INTRODUCTION On this 4th day of our New Year Revival, the Lord wants me to speak to us all on this very simple topic, " PROMOTION COMETH" The Hebrew word employed in Psalm 75:6 is "ruum" which can also be interpreted "to rise, rise up, be lofty, to be high, be set on high to be raised, be uplifted, be exalted. This informs the usage of the word ‘exaltation’ in NKJV. I prophesy to your life that in this year of our Divine Lifting, your promotion COMETH. If you have been expecting promotion, your promotion COMETH. If you are not expecting promotion, promotion COMETH. You may not see it coming, but promotion cometh. The opposition might be many, but it cometh. It might not look like it, but it cometh. In our today’s English, Promotion is Coming. Promotion to one person may be different from promotion to another, but whatever it is to you and personal to you, I declare today, promotion cometh. PROMOTION COMETH: BUT 1. Not from the East Literally, the outgoing/rising; that is of the sun. It means it would not depend on any natural advantages or sources you are banking on. Not in the usual way it should begin. So don't look up to the East. 2. Not from the West The setting; that is, the place where the sun goes down. This also may refer either to the natural advantages of a Western country, or to some alliance which it was intended to form with the people there. Not necessarily from the angle you had zeroed on. 3. Not from the South as in Hebrew, “desert.” The reference is to the rocky and barren regions south of Palestine. The allusion here also may be either to some natural advantages like the resources of the seas of those regions in the south. BUT SURELY, Promotion COMETH. One wonders why the North was omitted. Maybe because the North symbolizes the place of God’s throne, to which Satan aspires. (Isa 14:12-14, Job 26:7) This is where promotion comes from. Promotion therefore cometh not from abroad, but from ABOVE. CONCLUSION He who trusts in God can wait for God’s workings. Illustrate three ways of trusting God, and find out which of the ways alone can honour him. I. TRUSTING GOD, AND DOING NOTHING. II. TRUSTING GOD, AND SEEKING HELP FROM FELLOW MAN. III. TRUSTING GOD, AND DOING THE DUTY OF THE HOUR. This is acceptable to God. Simply doing present duty is leaving God’s providence to work out God’s "upliftings." As we approach this year, I can see all manners of promotion both physical and spiritual. I.e. Spiritual promotion, business promotion, professional promotion, academic promotion, social promotion, political promotion, financial promotion, marital promotion e.t.c. FOR promotion cometh, keep hope alive, remain prayerful, remain humble, remain committed, remain obedient, remain faithful and keep hope alive no matter the circumstances. Whatever may be bringing others down will lift you up. When men are cast down, your lifting/exaltation/promotion shall come. (Job. 22:29-30) A Christian lady had a wicked boss who denied her promotion because she would not sleep with her. But when a higher opening was available, he could not carry out his threat of stopping her because he had strange running stool on the day of her promotion. This year, your Promotion COMETH. Amen. Shalom. PRAYER POINTS 1. My Father, my Father, whatever is bringing others down shall lift me up in Jesus name. 2. Heavenly Father, grant all our young ones the strength, the will and the wisdom to do exploits in 2021. 3. My Father, my Father, all Shepherdhillians whose promotion have been denied shall receive double in Jesus name. 4. My Father, my Father, all those whose letter of promotion have been delayed, let it be released this year in Jesus name. 5. My Father, my Father, use my lifting testimony this year to bring souls into your Kingdom and increase your church. 6. My Father, my Father, no one is permitted to steal my joy in the year 2021. 7. My Father, my Father, create room for me in high places. 8. My Father, my Father, raise for me and connect me with destiny helpers that will take me to my next altitude. 9. My Father, my Father, whatever the enemy arranges to bring me down shall work for my promotion in Jesus name. 10. God of sudden miracles, just as you lifted the head of Modecai and Joseph on a single day, set my day of appointment with unstoppable promotion this year 2021. 11. My Father, the Lone Wonder Working God, do in my life what only you can do in the year 2021. 12. Every satanic gatekeeper keeping me from my blessings, I command you to give up and flee. 13. My Father, you are the Consuming Fire, let every demonic gadget put in place by the enemy to monitor my lifting catch fire and be destroyed in Jesus name. 14. My Father, my Father, where others are cast down in 2021, there is a lifting up for me and my household. 15. My Father, my Father, make me a source of blessings to my acquaintances, my family, my church and my nation this year in Jesus name. (Amen) 7X

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