New Year Revival Day 1: There Is A Lifting Up.

Transcript January 03


Day 1: New Year Revival 2021 Sunday 3rd January, 2021 Topic: There Is A Lifting Up. Text: Job 22:26-30. SONGS 1. (Verily)5x, the Lord Says Unto Me. 2. Lifted, I am lifted by the Lord. 3. We are Going Higher. 4. Gbe Mi Soke INTRODUCTION To many of you that I am seeing for the first time in this new year, I say “Happy New Year.” Just like a woman said and I agree with her, let me also say “Happy Graduation.” What a year of strange examination the year 2020 was? It was an exam which questions were unpredictable, but by God’s mercy and grace we passed and graduated into the year 2021. May the lessons we have learnt make our lives better and stronger not just for this year but for many years ahead. Having graduated from last year’s examination, what the Lord has promised us for 2021 is PROMOTION which I prefer to call DIVINE LIFTING. I hereby declare to your life that no matter what happened to your life last year, there is a lifting up for you in 2021. If the challenges of last year brought you low or under, I declare there is a lifting for you. If the enemy has told you, you wont come out of that trial, say to him that he lied for there is a lifting up for you. You shall testify in Jesus name. Our theme for this year is “ OUR YEAR OF DIVINE LIFTING.” The text is taking from Job 22:29 reading from the King James Version. The Bible says, “where others are cast down, you shall say there is a lifting up.” So declare to you life today, “there is a lifting up for me.” You shall testify in Jesus name. Amen. As we go through this 7 days prayer and fasting revival beginning from today, there is a lifting up for you. Amen. DIVINE LIFTING Our pericope is part of the utterances of Eliphaz, the Temanite, one of Job’s three friends that came to comfort Him during his trial and tribulations. Though he initially wrongly accused Job of sins as the cause of his calamity, he then spoke prophetically that “there is a lifting up for a man of pandemic.” The phrase, “when men are cast down means when people are usually cast dow in times of trial and calamity which prostrate them, you shall find support.” The Hebrew word “shaphel/shaw-fale” means to depress, sink, humiliate, abase, debase, bring down, set in a lower place or make low. But at a time when others are brought low, you shall be enabled to say, “there is lifting up, or there is support.” Therefore, in 2021, there is a lifting up for you. How do you then respond to this declaration? 1. HEAR IT- Let your ears be opened to this goodnews. 2. PRAY IT- In your prayer times both private and corporate, mention it to God. 3. BELIEVE IT- Don’t just pray it, believe it in your heart and it will come to pass. 4. SAY IT- Confession is the mother of possession.Therefore, say it and declare it in all circumstances. 5. EXPECT IT- Have positive expectations and do not give up no matter how tough or rough things look like. Expect it. What you expect is what you shall experience. When wicked men are brought down from a state of prosperity to a state of adversity, you shall be exalted to a very high estate. (Psa 147:6) Therefore, you are not permitted to remain where you were last year, there is a lifting up for you in 2021. CONCLUSION I definitely have a strong witness in the Holy Spirit that there is a lifting for you, this year both physically and spiritually. I see you lifted materially, financially, maritally, academically, emotionally etc. The Hebrew word is “gêvâh” which could be interpreted lifting up or exaltation. Other related words are promotion, elevation or go higher. There is a lifting for you that no enemy can stop no matter how they try. The only condition I see here is that you need to be humble. The Lord will save the humble person. (v29b) Therefore, be humble to come to Christ for the Salvation of your soul if you have not done so. Be humble to seek forgiveness for your sins if you have missed the mark. Be humble to commit your situation to God in prayer. Be humble to make yourself available for service in the Lord’s vineyard. Be humble this year. (James 4:10) The Lord will definitely lift up your head and it will happen this year. Are you ready for the next level? If you are, rise up and let us pray. You shall testify. Amen. Shalom. 2021 DAY BY DAY DECLARATION “In this year, whatever I decree, shall be established unto me. Divine light shall shine upon my ways. When others are cast down, there is a lifting up for me. The Lord will save me.” (Job. 22:28-29) PRAYER POINTS 1. My Father, my Father, I thank you for the grace to see the first Sunday of this year. I give glory to your name. 2. O God my Father, help me to walk with you in righteousness and humility this new year. 3. My Father, my Father, grant me unusual strength and wisdom to excel in this year of lifting. 4. My Father, my Father, whatever I lost last year shall be restored to me in several folds in 2021. 5. Heavenly Father, I shall enjoy unequal peace this year in Jesus name. (v21) 6. O Lord my Father, let good things and good people run after me this year. (v21) 7. My Father, my Father, whatever was pulled down in 2020 shall be built up in 2021.(23) 8. God of wonders, be my defense in 2021. 9. Heavenly Father, whatever I decree this year shall be established unto me. 10. My Father, my Maker, shine your light upon my ways this year. I shall not walk nor work in darkness. 11. My Father, my Father, where and when men are cast down, there is a lifting up for me. 12. Heavenly Father, as I walk in humility and in pureness of heart this year, I shall not fall prey to the traps of the enemy. 13. Heavenly Father, let the oil of promotion and exaltation be poured on me this year. (Psa. 92:10) 14. My Father, my Father, what was difficult for me to achieve last year shall be made easy for me by your divine help this year. 15. My Father, my Father, let your love for me and my household be publicly displayed for honour and elevation in the year 2021. Amen.

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