Experiencing the Transformation of Christ Leading to Glory Manifestation

Transcript November 23


Day 2 Year End Revival Monday, 23rd November, 2020 Topic: Experiencing the Transformation of Christ Leading to Glory Manifestation Introduction We ended up yesterday, looking at persons that had direct encounter with Christ and they ended up in glory. We will continue there today as we look at a few more individuals and consequently be able to draw some lessons by we too will experience our glory manifestation. Please, bear in mind that our glory and glorying is in Christ, that is why it is so pertinent that we remind ourselves that it is all about Christ; it is all in Christ; and it is all for Christ, for the scriptures reminds us that he who glories (boasts) must do so in Christ. Let us see the following individuals. 1. Jacob the Suplanter, and Jacob the Israel, Genesis 28-32 2. The Prodigal Son, Luke 15 3. Onesimus, Philemon JACOB The man who encountered God in a unique way, not only leading to change of name but to a change of destiny – a glorious one for that matter. Remember him for the following: a. His sin (of supplanting) compelled him to flight (Gen. 27:41-45) b. His experience of Luz where he possibly thought over his life • Deceiving his father and brother – Gen. 27:19, 36 • Being at risk with his father (Gen. 27: 41) • His uncertain future (encounter with Laban and later his brother, Esau) • Divine mercy of God • saw God in a stairway • God’s angels going up and down • Seeing the Lord face to face • Waking up in his dream with impressions: • His Parents’ God would be his God • The stone on his head would be memorial – Bethel • That he would give tithes c. Consequently, God’s promises (Gen. 28:13-15) • of His presence (see Is. 41:10) “I am with you” • of his protection (see Ps. 121: 3, 8) “I’ll watch over you” • of his guidance (Zech. 10:10) “I will bring back…” • of his faithfulness (Heb. 13:5 – “never will I leave you d. By that encounter, Jacob got his renewal (Gen. 32:26-32) • A new name (Jacob to Israel) v. 27-28 • A new blessing – vs 26, 29 • A new day, the sun rose above him, v. 31 • A new remembrance sign. V.31 • A new way of walking - v. 31 • A new inner fellowship, with his brother Esau (33:4) By this singular experience, see what has become of the nation of Israel till date. See the implication for the spiritual Israelites today. See what glorious experience encounter with God can afford one. I read the story of a University Professor recently. He said: “I, who was doubted to survive till 8th day to be named, I am now 58. I, who could not pass successfully my school certificate, now hold a Ph.D degree I, who was from a poverty-stricken family background, had all my levels of education on government sponsorship. I, who was programmed to be a blacksmith and a stark illiterate, I am now a professor.” (Prof. Yomi Alfred in Full Gospel Business Men’s VOICE, Nigeria ed. 43/2019, p.28) Your encounter with God in a moment determines the rest of your life and generation yet unborn. THE PRODIGAL SON His was the case Yoruba people will call Omo-onile……… But see how he fell from glory of sonship to slavery Reading from vs 11-16, we find him going down (out of God’s will) through: • Self-will – v. 12 • Selfishness – v. 13 • Separation – v. 13 • Sensuality – v. 13 • Spiritual Destitution – v. 14 • Self-abasement – v. 15 • Starvation – v. 16 But then, see again his steps back to glory of re-affirmation of sonship; • Realization – v. 17 • Resolution – v. 18 • Repentance – v. 19 • Return – v. 20 • Reconciliation – v. 20 • Re-clothing – v. 22 • Rejoicing – vs 23-24 Notice that the same seven steps he took away from the ground of glory was the same in returning order. This means • Everybody is born biologically and spiritually with a kind of glory • It is possible, along the way for such glory to be messed up or mis-used • But then, repentance is always the key Apostle Peter said, “repent… that time of refreshing (glory) will come from the Lord” ONESIMUS – PHILEMON Note vs 10 – 16 (worth reading) This is the story of a man greatly changed by Christ – the difference conversion should make in the life of all. For Onesimus – he would be identified as a slave, a thief then, a saint, a friend, a brother and a fellow servant. Through Onesimus we know that Christ can take nothing and make something out of any person for His glory, we matter: • how low a person is • how far a person has sunk • how far a person has gone • what a person has done (2 Cor. 9:17) Through the life of this man, we know that a Christian behavior is to make restitution, to right whatever wrong he has done in so far as it is humanly possible. That is to say, no sincere Christian should ever try to escape from making restitution, from righting whatever wrong he has done. The reason is, the very cause of Christ upon earth is morality and justice to make the earth as good a place as possible. That Onesimus is now a changed person, and being returned to his master, implies that they both shall live forever with Christ, worshipping and serving Christ through all eternity. Though Onesimus ran away as a slave, • he’s now above a slave • he’s now a dear brother • he’s now of great value to Paul • he’s now much more valuable to Philemon The point here is that when Christ changes a life, the life is changed eternally. Earthly relationships are changed forever. It does not matter what the relationship has been: • a master-slave relationship • a friend-enemy relationship • a victim-criminal relationship • a love-hate relationship • a marriage-divorse relationship • an abused-hurtful relationship If the person has been truthfully changed by Christ, then he is to be renewed as a dear brother. What a glory of relationship as a result of changed life. CONCLUSION This is what new life in Christ offers us. Jacob became Israel and we are recipients of that till date The Prodigal son gained his position back with celebration-denoting our position with God when we repent and return genuinely. Onesimus graduated from a slave to a brother and then a fellow worker, with somebody like Apostle Paul, for that matter. If you remain in sin, you are postponing your day of glory manifestation If you remain dishonest, you are prolonging your destiny As said earlier, there is a purpose for which you are mere born, and born again. The time is now to move into the manifestation of that purpose for the glory of God.

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