Surviving Challenges of Times to Show Forth Christ’s Glory.

Transcript November 24


Day 3 Year End Revival Tuesday, 24th November, 2020 Topic: Surviving Challenges of Times to Show Forth Christ’s Glory. INTRODUCTION Apostle Paul said, “the suffering of the moment is nothing compared with the glory to be revealed" (Romans 8: 18). Please, note, when we talk of glory manifestation, that is not without the road to it. Remember that even the Lord our Saviour went through grave to resurrect. Hence we discover that there are situations of life that we must pass through to bring us to our land of glory. Incidentally, each is different from the other, and that is what we are dealing with today. To that effect, we just look at some pictures today to see how the individuals involved evolved into glory manifestation. PICTURE ONE The Experience of Joseph The man who dreamt/caught the vision of glorious exaltation and got there despite all odds A look at his steps or stages to his land of glory manifestation: 1. Godly influence, Gen 39: 1-3 2. Business fidelity, Gen 39: 3-6 3, Resistance of temptation, Gen 39: 7-9 4. Divine favour, Gen 39: 21 5. Providential circumstances, Gen 40: 5-8 6. Honouring God, Gen 41; 16 7. Divine revelation, Gen 41: 25-36 PICTURE TWO The Experience of David He was regarded as the greatest of the kings of Israel, (basically because he was "a man after God’s own heart”. 1 Samuel 13: 14 How he was located, even while he was in the bush with his father's sheep, 1 Samuel 16: 1-16 How David confronted the Philistine, Goliath, 1 Samuel 17: 17ff How David encountered Saul and could not overcome him (David), 1 Samuel 24-28. Specifically note how David spared Saul's life, even twice (1 Sam 23: 14 - 24: 22; 26 Eventually, David became King over Israel instead of Saul. His was a glorious victory. In summary Joseph had his own family troubles, Gen 38: 1-30 But his glory manifestation came at last when he was exalted to the Egyptian Palace, Gen 39 to 45 and 46: 1-4 Joseph didn’t have it easy, but his was a glory story at last. PICTURE THREE The Experience of Esther, Mordecai and the deliverance of the Jews in Shusan. 1. Esther’s choice by the king - miraculous and glorious. 2. Mordecai's devotion to the God of Israel, not bowing down to wicked Haman 3. Haman’s plan and plot to destroy the Jews in the kingdom 4. Resolve of the Jews to fast at the instruction of Esther 5. The leaked secret of Haman that spelt his destruction. 6. The favour of the king upon Esther - to request for whatever she wanted, even to the half the Kingdom 7. And the victory of the Jews and destruction of all their enemies, leading to re- writing of the decree in the land. PICTURE FOUR Marriage Ceremony of Cana in Galilee 1. Jesus and His disciples were there together with His mother 2.. Their wine just finished abruptly. 3. Jesus' mother informed Him. 4. Jesus performed His first miracle there - turning water to wine, thereby bringing glory to God. 5. The marvel of the people. PICTURE FIVE The Experience of Paul the Apostle 1. His salvation was definite and dramatic 2. He was even told of the suffering he was going to suffer for the cause of the Gospel 3. He himself testified of it in defence of the genuineness of his apostleship. (2 Cor. 11: 16ff) 4. But in Romans 8: 31ff, he testified, "in all these things we are more than conquerors" v. 37. CONCLUSION The whole Bible is full of the manifestation of God's power depicting His glory. It is our privilege that we partake of His divine mature Our key to reflecting His glory is coming to terms with His condition - live within His will for your life.

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