Let The Lord Be Magnified

Transcript November 29


Sunday Service Sermon Sunday 29th November, 2020 Topic: Let The Lord Be Magnified Text:Psalms 35:27-28. Song: The Lord Be Magnified/Say Continually. INTRODUCTION Let me begin this message by wishing you all a happy birthday. Without any doubt, there are years and there are years and 2020 is a year no one in our generation will forget in a hurry. Without mincing words, if you survive the pandemic and the protest, you need to give thanks. This the Psalmist says, “Let The Lord be magnified.” This is lifted from Psalm 35:27 and also repeated in Psalm 40:16. Today, there are two questions we shall attempt to answer through this message namely why should the Lord be magnified and how should they Lord be magnified. Our topic is a call and a command that requires our prompt response. Let the Lord be magnified. (A) LET THE LORD BE MAGNIFIED: WHY? Psalm 35 is a popular one especially for those who love to read the early part when confronted by the enemies. Here, the psalmist complained of unbelievers and ungodly enemies; prayed for deliverance and making a promise of thanksgiving if his prayer is granted. This Psalm can be divided into three divisions namely, Psalm 35:1-10; Psalm 35:11-18 and Psalm 35:19-28. The first division reveals that every man has a battle to fight both physically and spiritually. We all have enemies within and without that threaten to destroy us. These are crafty and insidious foes using smiles and sophistries to conceal their real nature and designs. There is nothing like a good deal or compromise with the enemy. The second division shows that we must seek the help of God to be victorious in our battles. We must fight with Divine weapons namely the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, the helmet of salvation, etc. to win our battles. With God helping us, we are stronger than all our foes and sure of victory at last. The third division states that when we win each battle, we must be grateful to God for all the grace and help we have received in every stage of the conflict. We must magnify the Lord who has helped us to conquer our fears and foes. (Vs 11-27) If it is the Lord that has seen you though the turbulence of 2020, let the Lord be magnified. (B) LET THE LORD BE MAGNIFIED: HOW? The phrase, “let the Lord be magnified” means “let the Lord be regarded as great, exalted and glorious. It is a call to elevate our conception of the character of God by the fact that he has thus interposed in a righteous cause, and has shown that He is the friend of the wronged and the oppressed. The Hebrew word is “gadal” which means “to grow, become great or important, promote, make powerful, praise, magnify or do great things.” This the Psalmist says we must do CONTINUALLY ascribing greatness, honour and glory unto God. Our loving and jut God deserves our unceasing praise. Even those who could not render David active aid, but in their hearts favoured him, he prayed the Lord would reward most abundantly. The troubles of the godly might be many, but there is room for the prosperity of God’s servants as it may conform to His purpose and their good. When any of the godly are delivered from their persecutors, all the rest of the godly are bound as they understand of it, to set forth the power of God, and His love and bounty manifested to His people.(vs 26-27) CONCLUSION Let the Lord be magnified is a perfect call for us all considering what we have passed through and the grace and glory of God that has seen us thus far. One additional revelation of this passage is that God is interested in the welfare, prosperity or pleasure of his servants. It is a blessed privilege to have a God who is well disposed to His people. He delights to see us happy and growing in grace, and all good gifts. The Psalmist prays that his friends might have cause to rejoice and give glory to God,(Psa 35:27, 40:16-16) that they might join with him in His praises: “Let them say continually, the Lord be magnified”. A young woman named Anne Steele had encountered one trial and disappointment after another. Being a devout Christian, she continuously sought to praise God even in sorrow. She was engaged to be married, and had looked forward to her wedding day with eagerness. The big day finally arrived and so did the invited guests, but the groom was missing. After about an hour of waiting, a messenger brought the tragic news that Anne’s fiancé had drowned. The sudden shock was almost too much for her, but after a while she regained her spiritual composure. Later Anne Steele penned the song that is still found in many hymnbooks: ‘’Father, whate’er of earthly bliss Thy sovereign will denies. Accepted at Thy throne of grace, let this petition rise: Give me a calm, a thankful heart, from every murmur free! The blessings of Thy grace impart, and make me live to Thee.” Surely, we ought to magnify God continually in all circumstances with our words and songs of praise; in our lives and example; in our characters and sacrifice. We should give our whole time and energy and strength to His work. Therefore, Let the Lord be magnified. Shalom.

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