TEXT: Isa. 30:20-23.

Since two Sundays ago when I preached from this same text, I was convinced in my Spirit that we have not exhausted the messages the Lord has for us from the passage. Though the topic then was “A VOICE BEHIND YOU” and today’s topic is “THIS IS THE WAY”, I will enjoin you to consider this message as part two of the former. The voice of God behind you has only one message and it is clear, “THIS IS THE WAY.” What a comfort for someone who is confused about the way forward in life or making choices. May you hear the voice of the Lord speaking to you in clear terms, “This is the Way.” That is a voice that can blast all your confusions and clear your doubts. I prophecy clarity upon your life and dealings in the name of Jesus. On the other side, ” THIS IS THE WAY” might be the unwelcome voice for someone who has made up his mind the way to go. If the voice is pointing to a different way, it looks as if it is a nuisance or a distraction. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to compel such to turn a new live. May the overwhelming power of Jehovah come upon such to follow the right way before it is too late. May you not only hear the voice, may you have the willingness to follow the voice of God. Amen.

( A )OUR WORLD OF MANY WAYS: This world is full of many ways, as it is of men. There are short ways, long ways, straight ways, crooked ways, smooth ways, rough ways, wide ways, narrow ways, high ways, low ways, easy ways, difficult ways, fast ways, slows ways, old ways, new ways and so on. These varieties sometime make us weigh the pros and the cons of each way before we make our choices. A short way might not necessary be smooth and a long way might not necessarily be rough. But when it comes to our spiritual journey, the right way is one though the devil makes it look as if there are too many options. The truth is that the right way is only one. There are not many ways to God, but only one way and this is very clear in the Scriptures. Only One way is the straight way of God’s commandments, that leads to eternal life. The rest are the ways of men, that lead to destruction; and the most deceitful of them all are those which branch off from this one, going, some of them more, some of them less in its direction, and then by a sudden turn forsaking it. So that amid the multitude of ways many travellers through life never find the right one at all. Many have followed the wrong way and ate the bread of adversity and drank the water of affliction. (20) May you not fall victim of following the wrong way. Amen.

( B ) THE WAY: THE DESCRIPTION- In our spiritual journey, the right way consists of every qualification and advantage that you can possibly desire.
1. It is a Highway- ( Pro. 15:19, 16:17) It is open to all persons of every description.
2. It is a Holy Way. ( Isa. 35:8) The unclean shall not walk.
3. It is a Safe way. You shall enjoy divine protection from the hostile attacks of your enemies.
4. It is a way of Peace- ( Pro. 3:17, Luk.1:79) A pleasant way, wherein you shall enjoy sacred peace.
5. It is an Infallible way. The way that arrives at  the desired destination. May you not miss the way.

CONCLUSION: As God has not left Himself without witness, so He has not left us without guidance, showing us the way. Even when we have mistaken the wrong way for the right way through right-hand or left-hand errors, the Lord will never leave His child without the voice behind saying “this is the way.” That is why one of the greatest prayer a child of God can pray is Lord, show me the way. ( Psa.25:4, 16:11) Jesus is the way to Salvation. (John 14:6) Do you want to have spiritual power and victory?  Follow the way of faith, holiness, prayer and fasting. Do you want to prosper? Follow the way of faithful and correct giving. Do you want to have peace in Christ and happiness? Follow the way of obedience to the Word of God. D. L. Moody, the writer of the hymn ” TRUST AND OBEY ” while giving a formula for successful Christian living says,
” •  The blood alone makes us safe-
•  The Word alone makes us sure-
•  But obedience alone makes us happy.” May your heart cry today and always be
” Lord show me the way.” Shalom.

Best Regards,

Rev. Israel Kristilere.(PhD)

Shepherdhill Baptist Church,
Obanikoro, Lagos.
” With me and with God, nothing shall be impossible.”  ( Mark 9:23, Luke 1:37)