19th July 2020

Text: Malachi 4:1-3.


Today as we observe this year’s Health Sunday, I want to reveal to you one of the descriptions or names of Jesus in the Bible. The book of Malachi 4:2 calls Him “The Sun of Righteousness.” Many of us know Him as the Prince of Peace, Lord of lords, Everlasting Father, Rose of Sharon, Lilly of the Valley, Root of Jesse, the Bright and the Morning Star. etc. Clearly in this scripture, the Sun of Righteousness is not a thing but a person. There is no doubt, this speaks of Jesus Christ who is also called the Branch of righteousness (Jer. 23:5) and the King of Righteousness (Heb. 7:2) in the Bible. But here, He is the Sun of Righteousness . We are all familiar with the sun, I mean the only sun in the world. But Jesus is the Sun from whom proceeds righteousness, and He is the Son of God. Just as the natural sun is the source of light during the day, Christ is the source of all spiritual life and light. Hallelujah.

The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines the sun as “the luminous celestial body around which the earth and other planets revolve, from which they receive heat and light, which is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium, and which has a mean distance from earth of about 93,000,000 miles (150,000,000 kilometers), a linear diameter of 864,000 miles (1,390,000 kilometers), and a mass 332,000 times greater than earth.” The sun is a powerful member of our galaxy if not the most powerful of them all i.e.- with comparison to moon and stars. There is only one sun in our planetary system and just as there is only one Mediator between God and man. The vastness of the sun is surprising, just as Jesus is the Lord of all. His greatness is unsearchable. Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness. Christ is a Sun to us indeed if we feel the heat and comfort of a child of God which is a sign that Christ had effectually shined on us. If Christ had shined upon us effectually, we shall walk comely, as children of the light. No one who has the sun shinning on him shall ever walk in darkness unless his eyes are blind/veiled.

Our passages makes it clear to us that the Sun of Righteousness appears to us with healings. Just as the natural sun rises in the morning, dispels darkness, clouds, fogs, mists, clews and shows every object in its true colours bringing life and healing, the Sun of righteous appears to bring us life and healing. All our spiritual light is from Him. All our spiritual healing comes from the merit of His works. Malachi presents a picture of Jesus rising like a birch, with equal wings wide enough to cover the world. Malachi states that as sunlight brings health to a diseased and dying world, Christ much more brings health to our diseased and dying souls; and this healing comes to us with the ease, swiftness, gentleness and freshness of morning sunshine. This healing brings health and to healing and health Christ also adds victory. Hallelujah.

Our text describes Jesus as the Sun of Righteousness “with healing in His wings” or beams. In these beams there is a healing nature. Naturally, we are all sick and wounded. We should take notice of our diseases in time, and go to the healing Christ. Christ as the Sun of Righteousness has a medicine that is able to cure our diseases both physically and spiritually. Then why are we not healed? Because though He appears to all, He does not appear for all. Our text says he appears for those who fear His name. Those who fear the Lord by penitents, seeking His face, serving Him with reverence and godly fear. Therefore, it is time to fear the name of the Lord. Without any doubt, much of what brings troubles including diseases to us is our failure to fear the name of the Lord. If we are going to repent and change, I see the Sun of Righteousness appearing to us today with healing in His wings. Our world no doubt is in need of healing and health from the current pandemic called corona virus. May the Sun of righteousness appear for us. The text also promises, “ you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves.(2b) New Living Translation says, “ and you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture.” Then verse 3 says, “you shall trample the wicked, For they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day that I do this.” May this be our experiences and testimonies as the Sun of Righteousness appears for our sake. Amen.

1. Sun of Righteousness, appear for my Bodily Healing.

2. Sun of Righteousness, appear for my Financial Healing.

3. Sun of Righteousness, appear for my Emotional/Psychological Healing.

4. Sun of Righteousness, appear for my Spiritual Healing.

5. Sun of Righteousness, appear for the healing of our World from the current pandemic.

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