Weekly Bible Study

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Text: 1 Peter 1:10-12.


The Bible does not contain the Word of God; the Bible actually is the Word of God.

If the Bible were merely a human Book we could expect another very soon. If the Bible were merely a human book, why is it that man finds it so far beyond his grasp to master and understand every passage? The reason that men deny the full inspiration of the Scriptures is the fact of sin and it is an attempt to minimize sin and its effect and final end.

The Bible contains truth hidden from man for ages and which he is just discovering now. (Ephesians. 3:5) The revelation made to the prophets was independent of their own thinking, (1 Peter. 1:10-12) as they preached and wrote the facts were revealed to them. David claimed divine inspiration for his utterance. (2 Samuel. 23:2) The writings of the Apostles and prophets were the word of God. (2 Peter.1:21)

The Bible is all pure gold without quartz (something of lesser value) (2 Timothy. 3:16) Nehemiah accepted the words of the prophets as God’s words (Nehemiah. 9:13,30) and Jesus in Matthew. 22:31,32 quoted the Bible as the genuine word of God to mankind. In the Old Testament, 2600 times the prophets asserted that their words are the Word of God; a similar statement occurs 525 times in the New Testament.

A few generations ago, the Bible was accepted as the authoritative word of God. It is a very sad fact that this condition is no longer same; men today consider it smart or clever to challenge the authority of the Holy Scriptures. We are living in a lawless age when men are rebelling against authority in every department of life be it religious, political or intellectual.

By creation man has been made to crave authority and to worship a superior Being. Many today admire the Bible as a wonderful book but refuse to submit to its authority. Even atheists will extol the Bible as literature far outdistancing all competitors. Some Christians acknowledge Jesus Christ as supreme authority but refuse to yield to the authority of the Scriptures; this is an untenable position. The Christ whom we accept as our authority is the Christ of the Holy Scriptures.

Reasons why some do not accept the Bible as final authority.
1. They think that the Bible and science disagree. While it is true that many unproven unscientific theories disagree with the Bible; but it cannot be shown once where true proven science and the Bible disagree. (1 Timothy. 6:20)
2. They think that the Bible and geology disagree. Geologist Guyot affirms that true geology and the Bible agree perfectly.
3. They think that the Bible and general science disagree. Late Sir G. G. Stokes, the President of the Royal Society flatly refutes this.
4. They think that the Bible and chemistry disagree. Chemist Radar, a great American chemist refutes this error too.
5. Some think that the Bible and geography disagree. Dr. Christie, an eminent geographer declares that there is not one geographical error in the Bible.
6. Some think that the Church is the final authority and not the Bible. The Church antedates the New Testament but the Old Testament, the infallible Word of God is much older and more accurate than the Church.
7. Possibly the true reason why some do not accept the Bible as the final authority is indifference like that of Gallio in Acts. 18:17. But the refusal of man does not in anyway reduce the authority of the word of God. At our next Digging Deep, we shall examine some supposed contradictions found in the Bible.

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