Text: Psalm 34:17-22.INTRODUCTION: Today is our Power Sunday and before we set out to pray, let me share with you briefly a message God laid upon my heart for those of you who are going through tough times or difficult moments. Let me quickly declare as the Prophet of the most high, you will definitely come out of it with songs of triumph in Jesus name. Amen.  When the Lord says it is the year of unlimited triumph, little did I know that it is the year of great trials, great afflictions and great challenges. Great triumph is the result of great trials. So if you are going through one, brace up, don’t give up for you will triumph. In a little while, you will triumph. Amen.

AFFLICTIONS OF THE RIGHTEOUS- 19. The Hebrew word translated afflictions is “rah” which could be translated
bad, evil, adversity, calamity, distress, misery, sorrow, trouble or affliction. It refers to unpalatable situations or hardships you are going through in your body, business, finances or endeavors. They could be negative experiences you are passing through that even if you tell friends they will not believe you. From our passage, four things I want to say briefly about the afflictions of the righteous.

1. THEY ARE REAL- Many of us are conversant with the punishment of the wicked,(21) but the Bible also talks about the afflictions of the righteous. It must be noted that the afflictions of the righteous come not necessarily because of sin, but that God might be glorified. (John 9:2-3) Sometimes, they come  when you are determined to do exploits for the Lord. The devil sends them to discourage you.
2. THEY ARE MANY. From our passage, it is clear that they are not just few but many. But let me declare that the more they are, the more the triumph you will experience.
3. THE LORD DELIVERS FROM THEM ALL. Our passage also gives the assurance that there is a God who delivers the righteous from all his afflictions not just from some. If you are going through some, be rest assured  that your deliverance is coming.
4. THEY TURN TO TESTIMONIES. (3-4) God does not only deliver the righteous, but He also turns their afflictions to testimonies. Are you going through one, the Lord will soon give you a testimony. The more the trials, the more the testimonies.

CONCLUSION: If you have surrendered your life to the Lord Jesus Christ, you are one of the righteous. As one of the righteous, if you want the Lord to deliver you from your afflictions, two things I see in our text that you must do. They are
1. CRY OUT- 17. The Hebrew word here is “tsaaq” which can be translated “ cry out, cry for help or to cry aloud. (Psalm 56:9, 107:28-30)
2. TRUST GOD- 22.Even if you do not know how He will deliver you, trust Him. Be patient even if the deliverance is not instantaneous. He has promised and He will never fail. He did not fail Abraham, He did not fail Isaac, He did not fail Israel. He did not fail David, Daniel, Deborah, Elizabeth, Paul and Silas. Definitely, He will not fail you. So stay strong and do not loose focus. Let your face remain radiant and you will not be put to shame. (5) It is only a matter of time, that affliction will soon become songs of triumph. (1Peter 5:10) Shalom.


1. My Father, my Father, put a new song in mouth as I enter the new month.
2. My Father, my Father, whatever the devil has arranged to discourage me shall not succeed in Jesus name.
3. O Lord, let your angels encamp all around me and deliver me from all those who hate me.
4. To the extent that the enemy has troubled me, the Lord will reward me with greater testimonies this year.
5. My Father, my Father, deliver me from all my afflictions. Remove every embargo placed on my destiny.
6. My Father, my Father, as I look up to you, I shall not be put to shame in the new month.
7. My Father, my Father, I shall not lack anything good in the new month. Raise help for me from unexpected sources in an unprecedented way.
8. My Father, my Father, disappoint the counsel of Ahithophel over this nation Nigeria.
9. My Father, my Father, expose and disarm those who are sponsoring bloodshed in this country.
10. O Lord of power, turn my afflictions to songs of triumph as I enter the month of May.

Rev. Israel Kristilere.(PhD)

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