The Lord Himself established Shepherdhill Baptist Church. As principal of the Baptist Academy, Obanikoro, I became “Chaplain” of the school. This duty became more prominent when the building of the school’s chapel was completed in 1964. The school had more than 150 bordering house students, most of whom were Christians. On Sunday mornings, they were made to attend service at the First Baptist Church, Shomolu. In the evening, service was conducted for them in the school chapel. At a point, membership of the Shomolu Church grew and they could not accommodate Baptist Academy students.

On July 6th 1969, Evangelist Ade-Ogun was led by the Holy Spirit to begin a week long revival service on the football field of the school. The crusade ended on Friday, July 11th. On the closing day of the crusade, the Holy Spirit directed us to announce to the congregation, and especially to all who accepted Christ then, that on the following Sunday, July 13, 1969, the Chapel would begin regular church service, both morning and evening on Sundays for the general (Christian) public, and no longer exclusive for Baptist Academy students.

Thus began Shepherdhill Baptist Church on Sunday, July 13, 1969 with 53 members. Before then, several efforts made between 1964 and 1968 to start a church did not yield appreciable fruit, but from that date, the church grew in leaps and bounds, so much so that in less than one year, precisely on June 7, 1970, the Shepherdhill Baptist Church (SBC)was organised into a full-fledged church with 87 members. SBC’s Mother church was First Baptist Church Lagos which sponsored her.

The Church, being one of the few English speaking churches at the time attracted many young people of various denominations apart from Baptist “boys and girls”. New members were taught Baptist Church membership in the Enquires’ class, they were Baptist into the church by the Rev. Benny Theodore Griffen, who was the missionary Adviser for Lagos Baptist Conference and a former Principal of Baptist Academy.

Rev. Dr. Adegbite was called to be with the Lord in _____ and remained the Pastor of the Church until the time of his passing.

The Church has continued to grow under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit and has had other Anointed men of God as Church Pastor.