1st November, 2020
TEXT: Phil. 4:4-7

Song: Be Glad in the Lord and Rejoice.
Okan Mi Yo Ninu Oluwa.

Today is our Nigerian Baptist Convention Annual Thanksgiving Sunday and the message the Lord is sending our way is simple to proclaim but complex to practice. The topic is “REJOICE.” This is the command of the Lord to us all not just this Sunday, but this month of November and beyond, “REJOICE.”
In spite of the pandemic, the protest and your personal problems, rejoice. To show the importance of the admonition, the word rejoice was mentioned here twice. Joy according to the Advanced English Dictionary is the “emotion of great happiness or something that provides a source of happiness.” Someone said, to rejoice is “to feel or show that you are very happy about something.” But the Christian joy is not just about how we feel but about our understanding of who God is and what He can do. When Paul said “again”, he was referring to what he had initially said in Philippians 3:1.
My prayer for you all today is that may God give you the grace to rejoice in spite of the pandemic, the protest and your personal problems. Therefore, I say to you all today like Apostle Paul, REJOICE.



Among the various duties of the child of God is the need to rejoice. Joy is the by product of our obedience. This is a duty we must perform as His children. If you belong to Jesus, rejoice in spite of the effects of the pandemic and the protest. Rejoice.

It is very clear in our passage that we are to rejoice or be glad “in the Lord.” No doubt the natural world can give joy in some ways. There is the joy of youth, the joy of health, the joy of success, the joy of the affections and many more. But the defect in the joy that is not “in the Lord” is that it is temporary or transitory. Joy of youth, health, success and others are good while they last, but they last so short a time. Our faith does not offer us a choice between natural and spiritual joy. On the contrary, the sources of our natural joy must be intensified by our spiritual joy. To the spiritually minded, the Lord is always at hand to help every human joy.

Another revelation here is the time for us to rejoice. We are to rejoice always just as stated in 1 Thess 5:16. We must rejoice in all circumstances and at all times. In every occasion, there is always an opportunity to rejoice. When you cannot rejoice in any other, rejoice in God. If you have not rejoiced before, you can begin immediately. When you have long rejoiced, do not stop for a moment. When others are with you, lead them in the direction of joy and when you are alone, rejoice to the fullest. Rejoice always in the Lord.

Obeying this divine command to rejoice has many benefits.

(1) To you as an individual, cheerfulness brings within you the charmed circle of the brightest spirits. Also, the perception of cheerfulness nourishes the soul.

(2) To others around you, cheerfulness breaks down the opposition of men to Christianity like a bright cheering life. It faithfully represents the true spirit of Christianity. Christ came to make the world glad, and only as we rejoice in and with Him are we true to Him. Rejoicing has a way of positively affecting those around you.

(3) To the devil, it confuses him for he wonders why we have not lost our charm, our cheer and our joy with all he has done against us. Nothing confuses him like your rejoicing always. We are to rejoice always, cultivating the habit of looking at the bright side of life, looking out for our divine compensation, considering the purposes of our trials and the lessons we can learn from difficult times.


The additional admonition in our pericope proves a great point. In verse 6, we are to be anxious for nothing, commit matters to the divine hand in prayer and supplication and then result into thanksgiving. The higher blessing of the peace of God which passages all understanding will not just fill our hearts, but guard our hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.(vs.7) In John 16:22, Jesus acknowledges that there are moments of sorrows in the world, but He gives us a joy that no one will take away from us. In verse 33 of the same chapter, we also have the additional blessing of peace in Him. There is a great connection between joy and peace.
In the midst of fearful times, there is a reason to rejoice and this strange combination can only be enjoyed by those who have steady faith in the Lord. According to an anonymous author, “those who have faith can stay CALM in midst of crises, have PEACE in the midst of problems, enjoy GLADNESS in the midst of sorrow, receive ASSURANCE in the midst of afflictions, PRESS ON in the midst of pain and be FRUITFUL in a time of famine.” The truth is that the more you rejoice in Him, the more of the peace you will have in him. As you rejoice in the Lord today and onward, may you have increasing peace of God today and beyond. Amen. Shalom.


Verse 1
Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice,
All ye that are upright in heart ;
And ye that have made Him your choice,
Bid sadness and sorrow depart.

Rejoice ! . . . Rejoice ! . . .
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice ! . .

Verse 2.
Be joyful, for He is the Lord,
On earth and in heaven supreme ;
He fashions and rules by His word ;
The “Mighty” and “Strong” to redeem.

Rejoice ! . . . Rejoice ! . . .
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice ! . .

Verse 3.
What though in the conflict for right,
Your enemies almost prevail !
God’s armies, just hid from your sight,
Are more than the foes which assail.

Rejoice ! . . . Rejoice ! . . .
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice ! . .

Verse 4.
Though darkness surround you by day,
Your sky by the night be o’ercast,
Let nothing your spirit dismay,
But trust till the dagger is past.

Rejoice ! . . . Rejoice ! . . .
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice ! . .

Verse 5.
Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice,
His praises proclaiming in song ;
With harp, and with organ, and voice,
The loud hallelujahs prolong !

Rejoice ! . . . Rejoice ! . . .
Be glad in the Lord and rejoice ! . .

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