SUNDAY 26th July 2020

Text: Psalms 138:7-8.

INTRODUCTION: Today is another Power Sunday and I am praying that the Power of God will be available to meet you at the point of your needs today. (Luke 5:17) The topic today is “PERFECT.” This powerful word could be rendered in many ways. It could be a noun, a verb or an adjective. It speaks of a condition that is complete, flawless, without blemish, accurate or exact.

The Hebrew word employed here is “gamar” which means to bring to an end, perform or complete. Perfect as it is used in this passage is a verb but I choose to consider the topic in form of its noun. But both are very crucial to what the Lord is set to do in your life today. Whatever God has perfected is definitely perfect. The Bible says, God’s work (Deteronomy. 32:4) and God’s way are perfect. (Psalm 18:30) He can also make our ways perfect.(Psalm 18:32) May the Lord perfect that which concerns you so that at the end of this month and beyond, you will shout PERFECT. This year, your matter, your situations and circumstances shall be perfected. Amen.

DIVINE PERFECTION: A REALITY. Our passage today contains one of God’s precious promises.(2 Peter. 1:4). This particular promise speaks of God’s perfecting work in the lives of those who know Him and humbly depend upon Him. I consider this priceless promise as the Old Testament antecedent of the one we have in Philippians 1:6 which says, “He who has begun a good work in you will complete it.” So shall be your glorious testimony this year. Let us briefly consider three implications of our text.

1. GOD IS AT WORK ON OUR BEHALF – God is really at work on our behalf whether we realise it or not. Truly, God is more at work on our behalf than we are for ourselves or anyone is on our behalf.

2. GOD HAS NO ABANDON PROJECTS-Today, there are so many projects that are abandoned. This is the reality in many countries of Africa where a new government abandons the projects a former government started. But the good-news is that our God has no abandon projects.

3. GOD WILL SURELY COMPLETE HIS WORK. If the Almighty did not pause in the middle of creation and leave His work unfinished; making the moon and not forgetting the sun or making the waters but not failing to divide them from the land; He will definitely complete whatever He has started. Therefore, the first day of creation was a guarantee of the five which followed it and of the grand rest day which crowned the week.

Hence, let us have confidence in divine providence. The Lord will perfect that which concerns you. Do you have a plan on hand? If it is God’s plan for your life, He will carry it through. God sometimes perfects that which concerns us by taking us away from that which never ought to concern us. The Lord told David he would be a king. It did not look very likely, but since it was the eternal purpose of God for him, no one could keep the 8th son of Jesse out of the throne.

Our God has pledged to fully accomplish His will and His plan in every matter that pertains to our lives. Whether it concerns our spiritual lives, development in godliness, progress in marriage, promotion in the office, provision for a need or a programme ahead. The Lord will perfect that which concerns His children. Is there any matter that concerns you? The Lord has promised to perfect it. Trust Him.

Many times as human beings, we are tempted to perfect things for ourselves when the Lord is already doing same for us. Early in my ministry, I tried to perfect what God had already perfected for me and I hated myself for it. Since then, I had learnt my lessons and I trust Him and He has never failed me. The truth is our vain efforts only quench the work of the Spirit of grace.

Our prayer should be Lord, please carry out Your transforming work in my life both spiritually and physically. In addition to divine perfection in our text, the Lord gives us rest in His mercy. Our text says, “Thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever. Forsake not the works of Thine own hands.” This calls for our trust in God. When a man takes his money into the bank and leaves it. He does not come back the following day and say, “Is my money safe? I want to see it.” The bank would not love such a man who has no confidence in them. Let us therefore put all our trust in God and expect Him to perfect that which concerns us. At the end of it all, we shall shout PERFECT. Amen. Shalom.

1. My Father, my Father I thank you for giving me the grace to see the last Sunday of the month of July.
2. O Lord of mercy, cleanse me of all impurities that can hinder my blessings and miracles.
3. I plead the blood of Jesus over me and my household as we go through the last week of July and as we enter the new month of August.
4. My Father, my Father, forgive me in those ways I have not trusted you enough concerning my life affairs.
5. My Father, my Maker, put to an end to every curse of abandonment affecting my life and situations.
6. O Lord, my God, make my way perfect.
7. My Father, my Father, bring to completion every good work you have started in me.
8. My Father, my Father, carry out Your reviving and transforming work in my life both spiritually and physically.
9. O God of Power, as no one could hinder David though number 8 from becoming no 1, perfect your work of my glorious elevation before this year ends.
10. I prophesy in the name of Jesus, I shall sing and shout PERFECT before this year ends.
Amen, amen, amen.

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