15th November, 2020
Text: Psalm 73:22-26.

The year 2020 was declared our year of Increasing Glory. We started the year on a high note with great expectations until the pandemic set in. No doubt, many things have happened that have made some of us to expect less of that which is glorious. But God’s glory cannot be hindered by a pandemic nor a protest. No one can restrain God from doing what he has ordained for you. He is a lone Wonder Working God. (Psa. 136:4) If he has promised increasing glory, expect him to make good his promise. Only that you co operate with him and never give up. But how do you still chart your course to glory in spite of the ambushments of the pandemic and protest. Our passage brought a great revelation that I want to share with you all briefly today. In verse 24, the Psalmist made it clear that it is the Lord that guides with counsel and the One who receives us to glory. May the Lord receive you to glory in 2020. May you have an experience that will make you and those around you shout, glory glory. Amen.

The Psalmist at the beginning confessed his foolishness and ignorance about the works of God. (vs.22)The expression, “like a beast before You” in verse 22 means, “so worldly-minded, so empty of all holy desire, so short-sighted and so full of animal passions.” What a hearty and true confession? To live as if there is no God is to live like a beast. But he quickly admitted, “You hold me by my right hand.” That means, he suddenly admitted that it is God’s doing, not his own. Therefore, our pathway to glory is not of us, but of God. He is the one who will lead or receive us unto glory. Therefore, our pathway to glory according to our passage includes,

His constant presence. “I am continually with You.” It is another way of saying, ‘“You are continually with me.” “Tamiyd” in Hebrew interpreted continually here connotes the idea of no interruptions. The Lord is ever side by side with His people. Your presence with Him will make the difference. This is a state of the most intimate friendship with Him (Amo 3:3). Happy is the state of those who walk with God! Let us therefore cultivate a greater intimacy than ever. It is a dreadful thing to distance ourselves from God. (Psa 73:27)You need divine presence to be led into your glory.

2. DIVINE SUPPORT- vs 23b.
The second thing you need to be led into your glory is divine support. “ You hold me by my right hand.” Two men may be travelling together the same road in company, and yet separate one from the other. But the psalmist says, it is not so with the Lord for He takes hold of his right hand as He walks by his side and lets him feel His presence and he is content. With God’s support, the wilderness can become a paradise and without Him the fairest earthly paradise can become a desert. You need divine support.

The third thing you need to be led into glory is divine guidance. The Psalmist says, “You will guide me with Thy counsel.” When you make it your habit to be in God’s presence continually, He conducts and guides you by His providence, His Word and His Spirit. This is wisdom. (Pro. 4:7-9) God does not only point out the way, but leads us unto glory. He leads and directs us into glory. Hallelujah.

Beloved, just like the Psalmist, let us be done with choosing our own way, trying to pick a path amid the jungle of reasons in this unusual season. Let us put our hands into that of our Great Father, asking Him to lead as we resolve to follow Him. Our former mistakes could be our blessing, our problems can become our prospects. Let us remember, the end of our own wisdom is the beginning of God’s wisdom. With God is counsel and when we come to him, we are sure to be led aright. “And afterward” what a blessed word? He shall lead us unto glory.

I came across the story of one man recently and it shows how God can lead anyone into a story of glory overnight. When Chief Alao Akala was governor of Oyo State, he hardly spent the weekend in Ibadan. Most Fridays, he travelled to his home town Ogbomoso to sleep. One day on his way to Ogbomoso with entourage, he peeped from his car, saw a man whose car broke down on the road trying to fix his tyres. Chief Akala asked his convoy to park. Everyone was shocked, not knowing that the man on the road was Akala secondary school mate in Ghana. They have not seen for decades. He jumped down from the car, rushed to the man and the two embraced each other, even with the dusty hands of his friend. After little talks, Akala asked the man to give his key to one of his aides… “You fix this car and meet us at home”.
He asked his friend to join him in his own car. They went to the Governor’s house in Ogbomoso. After eating Amala, Gbegiri and Ewedu, they discussed at length how life had treated them both since their departure from Ghana. “Why haven’t you come to greet me, don’t you know I’m the Governor?” Akala asked. “It’s not easy to see you, they’ll just embarrass me for nothing.” Akala, immediately, gave him a brand new Toyota Camry and some money. “See me on Monday in office with a good proposal.” That was how the fortune of the man changed. May God answer your prayers too and lead you unto glory. Amen.

Let us therefore aim to get the psalmist’s faith, his confidence in God and his submissive spirit. (Isa. 50:7) When God guides, He leads into a glorious destiny. The NLT says, “You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny.” The Message Bible(MSG) also renders verse 24 this way, “You wisely and tenderly lead me, and then you bless me.” No matter how tough or rough, with God guiding and leading, there is a glorious destiny and blessing for you. Believe it and expect it in 2020. Shalom.

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