Text: 2 Cor. 2: 12-17.INTRODUCTION:
From generation to generation, men have always looked for victory for nothing is sweet like victory. Even near victory is not appreciated like victory. Only complete victory is celebrated and this year of our unlimited triumph, you will not only celebrate, but you shall be celebrated. The Bible gives us clue to the source of sure and complete victory. May you have such this year. The secret of your triumph is in Christ Jesus.(A) THE BACKGROUND-2 COR. 2:14– Paul had just heard the goodnews through Titus that his efforts through the thick and thin were bringing results even in areas where he only applied faith. He then burst into joy and gave thanks. Also, this year, you will have spontaneous joy and give thanks. (Rom. 8:28)

No doubt, the source of our triumph is God. Triumph is the joy or exultation of victory. In the Old Testament, it is God’s triumph that He gives to His people. In the New Testament, it means to make a show or spectacle of the enemy. The mystery of our triumph lies in the fact that it is
1. It is Real.
2. It is Sure.
3. It is Certain.
4. It is Unstoppable.
5. It is Public- because God is the source
6. It is Continuous/Progressive- Our passage says God always leads us/causes us to triumph in Christ.Our triumph therefore is in Christ. It came through His death on the cross of calvary. ( Col. 2:13-15) We triumphed because He triumphed, we are triumphing as He is triumphing and we shall triumph for He shall triumph. We shall advance the kingdom of our God, humble and humiliate the principalities and powers.
7. It is Meant to be Celebrated- The Christian does not fight for victory, but he celebrates the victory which Christ gives. (1 Cor 15:57) Our triumph demands that we must celebrate what God has done. This is not a year to hide what God has done even in our testimonies.

Since God is the one who leads us into triumph in Christ, our part therefore are
1. Accept Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Be sure you are in Christ.
2.  Accept the Victory God has given.
3. Call on Him for the manifestation of your victory.
4. Trust Him in all your battles and challenges.
Only then can the savour of Christ be seen in us and His knowledge spread abroad more than any perfume, body splash, deodorant in the market. (14)

You can’t loose when you are in Christ no matter how strong the enemy. Initial failure/difficulty is no problem. It was reported that in the year 1815 when Napoleon was fighting the enemy the signal designed to inform his people initially read “Wellington defeated—“ because of fog but when morning came and the fog was cleared, they saw the remaining two words “the enemy” and there was joy and celebration in the city. No one celebrated military victory like the Romans. To them, triumph was a public and solemn honour conferred on a victorious general giving him a magnificent procession through the city. When it is granted by the Senate, the general is dressed in rich purple robe interwoven with figures of gold setting forth the grandeur of his achievements and he wore a crown. He was carried in a magnificent chariot driven by horses or any choice animals. It was said that Pompey used Elephants, Mark Anthony used lions, Heliogabulus used tigers while Aurelius used the deer.  Children therefore will seat at his feet in his chariot or in another chariot next to his. The procession then goes this way.
1. Musicians singing
2. Slaves captured in battle meant for slaughter followed.
3.Kings and Princes humbled will follow.
4. Triumphant Chariot of the general followed with people throwing flowers while shouting “le triumphe “ i.e. the champion.
5. The senate and other priests and all the attendants carrying materials for the sacrifices.
As you through this year in Christ and with Christ, you will triumph. Amen. Your new name in Christ is “Le triumphe.” Shalom.


Best Regards,

Rev. Israel Kristilere.(PhD)

Shepherdhill Baptist Church,
Obanikoro, Lagos.

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