Men’s Missionary Union

The Men’s Missionary Union (MMU) was set up as an organization for men (Baptist Men’s Fellowship)and boys (Royal Ambassador) working under the Nigerian Baptist Convention Membership.

The membership is made up of :

  • Baptist men (ages 36 and above )
  • Baptist young men (ages 25 – 35)
  • Royal Ambassadors (ages 10 – 24)

The objectives of the Men’s Missionary Union are as follows:

  • To follow the foot steps of Jesus Christ.
  • To implement and carry out the following basic tasks of mission activities.
  • To help converts to grow by giving them good examples of Christian living, and teaching and grooming them to form good habits in their prayer life.
  • To provide loving and effective care for those who are sick in body, mind and soul.
  • To cultivate fellowship with all who love Jesus Christ by means of the Annual congress, the publication of regular periodicals and other literatures and by such other means as the fellowship may adopt.
  • To confer with and co-operate with the MMU of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Gideon 1 Association and the Lagos East Baptist Conference.
  • To co-operate with Nigerian Baptist Convention in the promotion of the home and foreign mission programmes.
  • To promote the works of the Royal Ambassadors in the Church.

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