Lead Me To The Rock

Sunday Service

28th June 2020



Text: Psalm 61:1-4


Today is our Power Sunday and we thank God for giving us the grace to see the last Sunday of June as we head into the middle of the year 2020. May the Lord continue to see us through.

Many things have happened in the course of the year especially in the last three months. But here we are. I prophesy that the remaining half of the year shall hold for us better, higher, loftier, glorious, victorious, wonderful and awesome experiences.

The topic of today’s message before we pray is “LEAD ME TO THE ROCK.” This was the cry of King David in Psalm 61:2.

In the vicissitudes of the challenges he faced then just like us today, he prayed lead me to the Rock. Unlike some other Psalms that have superscriptions that give us clue to the historical context, Psalm 61 does not. Therefore, the only thing we know about the background for this Psalm is that David was being pursued.

Fleeing from Jerusalem, he prayed, “from the end of the earth I call to you..”(v.2) Definitely, he was far from home. We are not told who was pursuing him, but some scholars believe there may be a clue in verse 6. David asked God to prolong “the king’s life.” This indicates that this happened at a different time period than when King Saul pursued him to prevent him from becoming the king after him. In this Psalm, David was already king which would more likely place it during the time he fled from the attempted coup orchestrated by his own son, Absalom. Whatever the problem might be, David made it clear that the matter overwhelmed is heart. (2) Therefore he cried, “lead me to the rock”.


David’s cry and desire to be led to the Rock inspires us to know where to hide in times of trouble when our hearts are overwhelmed. Looking into the Bible, there are many references to the Rock. I shall briefly mention five of them that you and I can run into at such a difficult time as this.

1. Rock of Salvation-2 Sam 22:47, Psalm 18:46.

2. Rock of Escape-1 Sam. 23:28-29.

3. Rock of Refuge-Psa. 31:2.

4. Rock of Stronghold- Isai. 17:10

5. The Spiritual Rock-1 Cor. 10:4. Unlike the people of old who had to run into a physical rock for safety, you and I today need not run to any physical rock for we have a spiritual Rock, and the Bible says, that Rock is Christ.


One beautiful thing about the Rock is that it is not just a place of safety, but can also be a place of unusual provision. Treasures, mineral resources, clean water and sweet honey can be derived from the rock. The Rock is not just a place to hide, but a Person to trust. Jesus is the Rock.(1 Cor. 10:4)

Is your heart overwhelmed by the general challenge the world is facing? Run to the Rock. Do you have a personal struggle that has overwhelmed your heart? Run to the Rock. Do you have a sense of isolation? Come to the Rock. Do you feel the need for divine help? Run to the Rock. Are you yearning for the restoration of lost privileges and fortune? Run to the Rock. Have you ran to a rock that is lesser than you and you are living in regrets? Come to the Rock that is higher than you.

The good news is that this Rock is not only higher than you, but higher than ALL including your challenges. Are you weak and you need strength? Are you sorrowing and need comfort? Do you need pardon, forgiveness and restoration? Run to the Rock. This is a Rock of security, safety and provision. Is your heart overwhelmed, let it beat again and run to the Rock.

In Our Daily Bread devotional for Friday 26th June, 2020, a true story of a heart surgeon was told. After removing a patient’s heart to repair it, the surgeon returned it to the patient’s chest and began to massage it gently back to life. But the heart wouldn’t restart. More intense measures followed, but the heart still wouldn’t beat. Finally, the surgeon knelt next to the unconscious patient and spoke to her: “Miss Johnson,” he said, “this is your surgeon. The operation went perfectly. Your heart has been repaired. Now tell your heart to beat again.” Her heart began to beat. This gives the idea that we could tell our physical heart to do something and this also has spiritual parallels.

Today, if your heart is overwhelmed, tell your heart to run to the Rock. Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I,” is a prayer for all people and in all times. Adversity is a painful school, but it could be a divine instrument of providence that the majority of men, if saved at all, should be saved so as by fire. God is willing to lead you.

Is your heart ready to come to the Rock? Shalom.


1. My Father, my Father, thank you for giving me the grace to see the last Sunday of June, 2020.

2. Heavenly Father, wherever and whenever my heart is overwhelmed, cause my heart to bounce back to hope and rejoicing.

3. O God of transformation, let the 2nd half of this year be full of joy and restoration for me and my household.

4. My Father, my Father, whoever is pursuing me and my family must back off as we enter the month of July.

5. Jehovah the man of war, whatever the enemy is pursuing me for, I shall obtain or achieve before this year ends.

6. My Father, my Rock and my Fortress, keep me safe from dangers within and without.

7. My Father, my Father, grant your world mysterious solution to the current pandemic called Covid19.

8. My Father, my Maker, you are the Rock that is higher than all, lead me to yourself.

9. My Father, my Father, let me find treasures, eat sweet honey and drink fresh water from the Rock in the 2nd half of this year.

10. O Lord my God, give me the heritage of those who fear your name in the 2nd half of this year.

11. O God my Father, let your mercy and truth preserve me and my household in the 2nd half of this year and throughout this pandemic.

12. My Father, my Father, songs of praise shall fill my mouth in the 2nd half of this year.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

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