Text: Psalm 92:1-5.INTRODUCTION:
It is a new year of glory and I want to wish you all a happy new year. May there be a better you in the new year. Amen.The theme for this year is “OUR YEAR OF UNLIMITED TRIUMPH” and  the theme for our 7day New Year Prayer and Fasting revival is “I WILL TRIUMPH.”  It is a declaration of faith, a product of a confident heart towards God. If you are walking in the way of God and you know it, you should be able to say this confidently just like the Psalmist, “I Will Triumph in the works of Thy Hands.” May you be able to say it, experience it daily and testify to it this year. Amen. Psalm 92 began with an assertion of a biblical truth, nothing good like praising The Lord, singing praises unto his name, showing forth his lovingkindness in the morning and faithfulness every night. (1-2). Whether it is upon instrument of ten strings, or the psaltery or the harp with a solemn sound, it is good to praise the Lord.(3) But in verse 4, one reason why the Psalmist found it good to praise the Lord was because God had been good to him. Indeed, good begets good. It is only the brutish, the wicked and the unthoughtful that repays good with evil. The Psalmist declares, thou has made me glad through thy work, and therefore, “I shall triumph in the works of thy hands.”

In this passage, the Psalmist judicious resolution is pregnant with meanings. I will triumph in the works of thy hand could be referring to the works God had done before, or shout aloud for joy, on account of them. It can also mean to triumph over all enemies, as being out of their reach and seeing their hurt and ruins. “I will triumph” actually means, “I will exult or rejoice” for the Hebrew word employed is “ranan.” But the joy here is that of victory. Triumph here carries the note of victorious celebration. Therefore, it means I will rejoice in the victory I obtained in thy works. The statement can be observed in four ways namely,
1. IT IS A DECLARATION- of Faith in God.
2. IT IS AN EXPECTATION- of sure victory through God.
3. IT IS A DETERMINATION- to settle for nothing but triumph. It therefore requires commitment to do all that lies in our part to coperate with God. Our co operation will manifest through obedience to Him, His Word and His instructions. It requires faithfulness, commitment and submission to Him.
4. IT IS A CONSOLATION- of the Spirit in all circumstances and challenges of life. It is a comfort to your spirit that through it all, you will triumph.

1. GOD’S WORK THIS YEAR ARE SURE.-5. According to the Psalmist, God’s works are great and His thoughts are very deep.  The works of the Lord are referring to those things which only God could do. God’s works could be works of 1. Creation. 2. Providence or 3. Grace.  It could be the creation of something new, the recreation of something went bad or the restoration of something that was lost. Expect God to work His wonders in your life.
2. GOD’S WORK WILL MAKE YOU GLAD- He will do you well.This is a promise from God.
If God’s work will make you glad, He also expects you to make Him glad through your works.
Triumphing in the works of God demands varieties of expressions. It could mean a song of triumph, a dance of triumph, a shout of triumph, a jump of triumph, an offering of triumph, a march of triumph, a clap of triumph, stamp of triumph, display of triumph etc. You will have reasons to celebrate victories in Jesus name. Amen.

“I will triumph in the works of thy hands.” means “I cannot help it, I must and I will rejoice in the Lord, even as one who has won the victory and has divided great spoil.” When God reveals His work to a man, and performs a work in his soul, He makes his heart glad most effectually, and then the natural consequence is continual praise. In the next few days, someone under my voice shall triumph in the works of God. You will have a song this year. Your new name this year is “The Triumphant.” Amen. Shalom.

1. Give thanks to God for the opportunity He has given you to see this new year of glorious celebrations.
2. My Father, my Father, every mistake the enemy caused me to make last year shall not be repeated this year in Jesus name.
3. O Lord, let every mountain between me and the fulfillment of my destiny crumble and become a bridge in Jesus name.
4. Heavenly Father, let every member of Shepherdhill Baptist Church experience the touch of your presence that will turn our lives around for the better.
5. My Father my Father, every plan of the Devil to mingle sorrow with joy for me this year will not prosper in Jesus name.
6. Every garment of shame arranged for me this year will not fit me in Jesus name. I exchange garments of mourning for dancing in Jesus name.
7. My Father, my Father, songs of rejoicing and salvation shall be heard in my house this year like never before. (Psalm 118:15-17.)

Rev. Israel Kristilere.(PhD)

Shepherdhill Baptist Church,
Obanikoro, Lagos.

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