Text: Judges 11:1-8,32-33.INTRODUCTION:
Today before we pray, I want to speak briefly on the topic, “ FROM TRAUMA TO TRIUMPH.”
I don’t know what has brought you trauma recently, but you will soon triumph over it. The story of Jephthah is a familiar one to many of us. Some years ago, I considered his story in a message titled “From Ridicule to Miracle.” But in this year of our Unlimited Triumph, we shall look at “From Trauma to Triumph.” What is trauma? The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines it as, “a very difficult or unpleasant experience that causes someone to have mental or emotional problems usually for a long time.” That is what we are going to pray about by the grace of God. Today by the mercies of God, I declare that every situation, occurrence or circumstance that has brought you trauma will turn to triumph for you. Amen.

( A) JEPHTHAH’S UNIQUE TRAUMA-Judges 11:1-3. Jephthah trauma began with the way he was born. That tells me that not all traumatic experiences are self made. Some are inherited, some are self inflicted while some are satanically sponsored. The satanically sponsored could be accidental or deliberate. Jephthah’s mother was a harlot, a concubine, a strange woman and his trauma began when his half brothers began to let him know he was a son of another woman. ( Mic.7:6b) The stigma and the constant abuse were enough trauma for him. But his adversaries would not give up. They wanted him out and indeed they put more pressure until he fled his fathers house. I have no doubt this was a great trauma for him. But he triumphed over it. So also, you will triumph. Amen.


Your background does not have to put your back on the ground.Any man who is in Christ is a new creation. ( 2 Cor. 5:17)
2. BRING SOMETHING GOOD OUT OF EVERY BAD EXPERIENCE. He took advantage of his condition and gathered worthless men into an army. Actually, the worthless men became valiant men. He became the major warrior of the region. (3) This was also the strategy of David. ( 1 Sam. 22:1-2)
3. BE SENSITIVE TO YOUR MOMENTUM.(4-10)- When the people of Ammon made war with Israel , the elders of Gilead went to beg him to be their commander. Even when the elders were also part of the insult and assault, David knew God could give him a result that would catapult him to exultation. He did not allow bitterness to hinder him.
4. LET THE HOLY SPIRIT TAKE CONTROL.(29-33)When the Holy Spirit takes over, your trauma will disappear and your triumph will manifest. Jephthah with the power of the Holy Spirit advanced toward the people of Ammon to fight them, and the Lord delivered them into his hands. He is the Spirit of power and transformation. (2 Cor. 3:17) You need to surrender your trauma to the Holy Spirit today.

CONCLUSION: Jephthah’s story is an example of how God could turn our bad experiences to something good and use it for His glory. Have you gone through a bad experience recently which has brought you trauma? Release it to the Lord today and He will turn it to your triumph. Shalom.

1. My Father, my Father, whatever has brought me trauma will turn out for my triumph.
2. Heavenly Father, wherever the enemies gather against me, scatter them.
3. O Lord, whatever belongs to me that I have been denied shall be restored to me in larger fold.
4. My Father, my Father, no one shall be able to deny me my possessions.
5. My Father, my Father, where ever I have been rejected, I shall be celebrated.
6. My Father, my Father, elevate me in the new month into a new level of glory both physically and spiritually.
7. My Father, my Father, give me a blessing that no one can contest with me.
8. My Father, my Father, make me a blessing to those who hate me.
9. My Father, my Father, whoever is eyeing what you have graciously given to me with the hope of snatching it will wait endlessly.
10. El Shaddai, deliver unto my hands every force that fights against me in the new month. Amen.
Holy Spirit, take over my trauma and turn it around for my blessing
( Isa. 61:1a,3)

Rev. Israel Kristilere.(PhD)

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