Dr. Israel Kristilere, Senior Pastor

Dr. Israel Kristilere is an ordained and anointed mister of God’s Word and Power. He is the Senior Pastor at Shepherdhill Baptist Church (The Sanctuary of Grace and Glory), Obanikoro. He gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1982 and received a special touch of the Holy Spirit in 1989. He holds a Masters of Arts Degree and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from University of Ibadan.

He is happily married to Toyin, a Chartered Accountant and the family is blessed with wonderful children – Heritage, Jedidiah and Lois. He has authored several books.
He is the Founding President, Friends of Israel, Nigeria (FOIN) and the President of OASIS OF FAITH MINISTRIES  through which he leads God’s people to the Holy Land as well as host JUST WORSHIP, a night of PURE SOAKING in the Holy Spirit.

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