Be Thou An Example

With the Love of God, His Son Jesus Christ and the joy of His Church, we appreciate your visit to the online gathering of God's children.
You are most welcome to a place of knowledge on the word of God and His Church.  As you explore this website, we hope and pray that you will be encouraged and blessed.

As directed by God, our purpose as Shepherdhill Baptist Church is to celebrate the existence of the Living God by propagating the Good news of Salvation. We assimilate God’s Children into a Loving and Caring Community and constantly communicate Biblical Truth for Spiritual Growth and demonstrate God’s Love to all men at every turn.




Join us for CARRY YOUR BABY on Sat., 24th Feb., 2018 from 8am to 10am. Carry Your Baby is a divine platform for seeking fathers and mothers, pregnant women and their friends. It’s your turn to #CarryYourBaby! Shalom!

The great door of opportunity is often disguised as a door of great sacrifice @DrKristilere #GoingThrough

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